Update from the livechat : Mysterious illness Strikes Students at NY High School

The connection between the symptoms and radiation is not clear. It won’t be clear forever.

but worth of knowing because radiation attacks control nerve too.

  1. Sounds more like what I’ve heard the vaccine Gardasil can do. Might also be a side effect of genetically modified foods.

    1. Yes it does but expect the unexpected when dealing with issues like this… Seems as if they are creating one big molten pot of hell between fukushima and H5N1 and corexit!

      1. All we need is one more fake ass tsunami and i guess the “zombie prep” here in the u.s. will come in handy

  2. You may be right, Sigh. But I also believe that radiation exacerbates existing problems. So it could be that some problems actually emerge precisely because our systems become “overloaded” through additional radiation. In some cases, it may be the proverbial straw that breaks the camel’s back.

    1. Agree with you MX, low-level dose contamination act as yet another aggression on our bodies, it lowers immune system defenses, hence spikes of diseases such as mycoplasma in Japan. It probably increases auto-immune diseases, allergies, etc. and exhausts us. Depression can easily be triggered by the anxiogenous environment and exhaustion, compounded by alcohol abuse or worse.
      Not to say that cancers and heavy metal poisoning from radionuclide ingestion and breathing is not to be considered, but these are less common at this level.
      In NY, I don’t know what it is, but there are so many ways to be killed by US food that they should focus on the usual suspects first. They did push for green tea from irradiated areas in NY not so far ago – there must be quite a few Japanese food products on the market there.

    2. Right, MX. Radiation causes free radical damage, so cells are going to be damaged and more susceptible to other damaging substances.

  3. DEFINITELY VACCINES. Also Lyme disease causes similar effects but probably it’s vaccines. I bet these girls all had their Gardasil boosters at around the same time, probably administered by the same local Health Dept. that declared “these are isolated cases, not connected, no need to worry, case solved”.

  4. I can’t believe I am reading/hearing this story here on fukushima diary. This is happening in my hometown, this is where I grew up and live today. These kids are friends with my younger relatives who are still in school. I never thought of a link between radiation and the symptoms. As for the gardasil connection, that may be onto something, Im pretty sure they have looked into or are looking into that. The only thing they are telling us is they dont think it is environmental.

  5. oh and the actual number of students with tourettes is closer to 10+. Another unusual factor is most cases are with girls and the rash of more recent manifestating cases are all girls and tourettes strikes more traditionally in boys.
    And its worth mentioning that not everyone thinks all is being done to know what is wrong, and something is wrong.

    1. the video may not be from the best source but I can find you some more credible links to this story.
      do a google search from wham, our local news team and do a search for leRoy and you will see that this story is legitimate.

  6. I’m a long time follower, I hit reload on your site many constantly during my day. I have to say that I’m a little saddened to see you posting a video from “Sheilaliens”. The video is implying that the newscaster is a reptilian shape shifter (and not just video of the head of a person showing compression artifacts).

    Many of the shills “attacking” the other Fukushima related sites out themselves by posting outrageous off topic subjects, often relating to ET’s. I’m not wanting to debate the existence of ET’s, I’m just pointing out that we have many more problems to deal with in our currently known universe.

    I also would never trust ABC more than NHK… one of the same machine.

    Again, thank you for your effort, please don’t let the shills sidetrack your amazing work.

    love. m

  7. While there most certainly is some type of contaminate responsible for this “outbreak”, I am not so sure it is radiation ALONE. I would be more inclined to believe complications from vaccines, especially Gardisil. Perhaps as others have said, increases of radioactive nuclides in the girls bodies have rendered them more susceptible to the numerous non-natural toxins (We know radiation attacks the immune system) from almost all industries and deliberate contamination by military and government organizations.

    Long story short, we will never find the true cause here nor will we hear about the seals anymore. Kind of how the media says, “No one really knows the effects of low level radiation and we never will.” That is a lie, and they then will say it is actually beneficial to you. Also, how the media “forgets” that gardasil caused thousands of miscarriages and permanently injured thousands more young girls; Then proceeds to call people who question the safety of vaccines as “conspiracy theorists.” (As if conspiracies don’t exist. lol)

    I see this as one more example of allowable “collateral damage” due to industry on behalf of the governments. It is hard not to believe the conspiracies of eugenics programs and depopulation agendas. We have more toxins and diseases than ever before and pollution is rampant all around the globe.

  8. Chemtrails people….look into the chemicals dumped by chemtrails. It’s already been known to cause MS. So for some other type of Neurological situation to pop up…well that would not be to far out there. They dump chemicals on us everyday. All you have to do is look up.

  9. State health officials discuss outbreak of tics in Le Roy, but say they can’t share the cause!!

    “…a state health official steadfastly refused to reveal the cause of the outbreak”.

    State health officials know what is behind the outbreak, but Young would not disclose it. Yet he tried to reassure parents that it’s safe to send their children to school.

  10. There was a town meeting and the health department basically said there was a diagnosis but they couldnt give any information about it citing privacy issues. The parents got in a literal screaming match because they are not satisfied with what they are telling us.
    And I got confirmation that at least 3 of those girls did not get the gardasil vaccine.

  11. All things arise out of causes and conditions.Are you with me so far?In almost all walks of life many people think they know what’s what and their all just dangerous to others.There are plenty of people who have real understanding of the way things are and how to fix things but we are either brainwashed by the media or just to stunned to get it.A lot of people think persons with profound knowledge are just weird.If your dealing with something weird you need to consult with persons who know weird,who have lived and seen through weird,that’s me!I’m weird,I like to call myself vierd.Anyway weird = crazy and Iv’e got it,It’s called ”Crazy Wisdom”because it’s ideomatic,does’t seem to make sense.My advice is,there are all kinds of very very evolved people walking around who have wisdom beyound the comprehension of the average person,they can tap into dimensions of reality others cannot.Even a good pyschic should be able to a least point a person in the right direction ie.Edgar Casey abilities were well documented.There are many priests of many religions who {although many wouldn’t admit it} are very psychic and have also the ability to cure or know how to cure,or the cause of ..what ever.Taoists,Buddhist,Hindu,Christian…Shaman,etc.This is common knowledge anyone can find out by reading,people are just to caught up with T.V. etc.

  12. Erin Brockovich Sends A Team To LeRoy. Updated:January 29. 2012
    Saturday she sent a team to town to collect soil samples.

    “We felt that the environmental component needed to be investigated further and that’s what we’re here for, we’re not sure we’re going to come up with the answers,” said Bob Bowcock, an investigator with Erin Brockovich’s team. “It was an occurrence, we’re not sure if it’s a temporary occurrence in the environment or a temporary occurrence from some sort of biological event, we don’t know, but don’t rule out environmental.”

    …a statement from the LeRoy School District in reponse to Brockovich’s team and media outlets on its property:


  13. Feb 1, 2012

    LeROY, N.Y. — The Superintendent of the LeRoy Central School District issued a statement to the community Wednesday regarding the mysterious illnesses affecting more than a dozen children at the high school.
    Kim M. Cox released her letter to the community through a representative of Harris Beach, PLLC, a law firm in Pittsford, NY.

    WEB EXTRA: Read Superintendent Kim Cox’s letter to the community. *NOTE: letter is a down-load, too long to print here.
    Her letter addresses the national attention that has been brought upon the school and students.
    This letter comes several days after Cox ordered a group from Erin Brockovich’s team, who visited the LeRoy Junior-Senior High School on Saturday, to leave school grounds.
    The team was in town to collect samples from the school grounds and other parts of the town to get some ground samples they believe could shed some light on why a cluster of female students at the school developed tics, twitches and verbal outbursts last fall.

  14. Tics and Toxins: Leroy Put Student Playing Fields on FEMA Flood Hazard Land. February 02. 2012

    The tics broke out after an unusual pattern of heavy rain, followed by a mild winter that has kept the ground from freezing and left lots of standing water at Leroy Junior/Senior High School.
    That should be no surprise. Part of the school grounds — including athletic fields — are right on top of a federally designated FEMA Flood Hazard Area.

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