Unstoppable leakage of medical staff in Fukushima

Japanese government lifted evacuating area from Minami soma shi on 9/30/2011.

However, about 30,000 of 71500 people have not come back yet.

Medical staff escaped too. Hospitals are suffering from shortage of man power though they should evacuate actually.

Minamisoma city hospital is one of the major hospitals ,where is only 23 km from the Fukushima plants.

In this hospital, doctors and nurse evacuated too.

Full time doctor: 14 → 8
Nurse: 136 → 100
Beds: 230 → 100

Apart from Minami soma city hospital, 2 of 8 hospitals were closed, 13 of 39 clinics were closed too.
There were about 900 medical staff but now it’s only 300 in total.

Remaining medical staff are thinking that’s because the national support is not enough.

Fukushima local government therefore has decided to spend 2 billion of 12 billion yen of tax allocation grant for medical care on these areas.
It will be spent to re-employ evacuated doctors or hire new doctors.

Fukushima local government can not let citizens leak out of the boarder because they lose their tax income. Thus they try to keep the citizens remaining in the area to keep paying tax.

Radiation advisory of Fukushima local government, Yamashita Shunichi tried to explain, there is no health risk if it’s under 100 mSv, or smily people are strong against radiation etc..

Behind these ridiculous explanations, there was the intention not to let medical staff escape, they assume.

Actually, Yamashita Shunichi rejected to conduct blood test and urine test for Fukushima children, he decided to do only echo screening test though it does never work until the children actually have tumor, which is likely in 4 to 5 years from now.


Currently, Fukushima local government’s policy is just to keep citizens stuck in there to keep paying tax.

They do know there will be massive increase of disease, that is why they asked for free medical care from Japanese government.


  1. Cancer is only one of Japan’s problems from this enormous release of nucleotides, the higher rates of heart disease in children will make its appearance very soon if not already on the increase.

    The part about “happy” people are immune to the risks radiation is sinister.
    What they are actually saying if you get sick from radiation it’s your fault and not TEPCO’s or the Governments responsibility.

    The people of Japan have been abandoned by their Government and TEPCO.

    I feel for the people of Japan you are in for a very rough time and nobody in authority gives a damn about you and your children.

    The children of Japan are being sacrificed so that the Government and TEPCO can save face and money, truly a crime against humanity on an epic scale.

    1. You write “Cancer is only one of Japan’s problems from this enormous release of nucleotides,” This is misleading.

      Cesium is the cause for heart attacks among people under 30 / 40 years:

      How it works:

      Cesium 137 as an affined to potassium element, penetrates in cardiomyocyte easily. In this process membrane structures take participation and radioisotope actively interrelates with them.

      While hammering away the book, I was constantly thinking
      about the necessity to bring to the notice of any civilized person the
      information about harmful influence of radioactive substances when
      they incorporated by the organism. Unfortunately in society there is,
      at best, indifferent attitude to that problem. That is why we pay a very
      high price, which is human’s life. Intellectual dark turns about the
      tragedy. To a great extent the blame rests with medical scientists.
      They don’t only try to inform population, using earlier obtained data,
      but don’t even study alterations, appearing in the organism when
      radioisotopes incorporate.
      I understand that this small book couldn’t supply the lack of
      information about that problem. Nevertheless I hope it will cause
      interest and the problem will be discussed. And it will be very useful.
      Using obtained data it is possible to make some conclusions.
      Radioisotopes and, first of all, radioactive caesium lie in our
      environment and without any protective measurements, they
      penetrate in people’s organism mainly with food stuffs and water and
      incorporated in organs and tissues. The most dangerous for human
      life is radioactive caesium incorporated in cardiac muscle of growing
      Its penetration in myocardium cells causes structural and
      metabolic alterations, leading to the energetic deficit and to the
      impairment of their functions and in some cases to death. At once
      appears the complex of modifications, evidencing about direct injure
      of cardiac muscle as well as about disturbance of numerous organs
      and systems, regulating its activity. Cardiomyocytes are damaged
      not only with radioactive caesium, but also with natural metabolites
      when there are any violations in the process of their forming,
      transporting, bonding, exertion and destruction (fig. 23).
      Degree of expression of pathologic alterations is in direct
      dependence from the amount of radioactive caesium in the organism
      and cardiac muscle. Prolonged incorporation of radioisotope in the
      organism more than 30 Bq/kg is very undesirable, because could
      lead to the serious consequences.
      In most cases effect of existing concentrations of radioactive
      caesium in the organism (10 – 20 Bq/kg) doesn’t cause its death, but
      influencing the energetic apparatus of cardiac cells significantly
      reduces their adaptable possibilities, and as a result functioning during stress situations and banal loads (physical and mentaltension, hypoxia, disorder of temperature regime, alcohol drinking, infections and allergic diseases) becoming impossible.
      It should be accepted that radioactive caesium is a powerful,
      damaging agent and attitude toward it should be like toward delayed cell’s poison. Cutting up energetics of cardiac cells it causes cardiomyopathy.

      And as result – cardiac rhythm disturbance, and
      contraction function of myocardium, spasm of peripheral vessels. It should be noted that the effect of incorporated radioactive caesium on human’s and animals’ organism assumes its participation in plastic and metabolic processes and first of all like chemical element and not as a source of radiation. Nevertheless the latter couldn’t be completely excepted. It is vividly expressed during prolonged influence of small amounts of given radioisotope by pathologic alterations from the side of kidney, where appearing under the influence of radioactive caesium arterioles spasm is the main reason of necrosis of glomerules’ loops and destruction of nephron structures. The effect of narrowness of caesium noted in 1888 S. S. Botkin.

      Thus, radioactive caesium is one of the leading ethiologic
      factors of rising in arterial pressure in children, living on the territory contaminated with radioisotopes. Numerous observations evidence that.

      So, as a base of prophylactic of cardiac-vascular diseases in
      population, living on suffered from Chernobyl disaster territory the questions are actual, concerning reducing of the amount of radioisotopes and first of all radioactive caesium, due to the decreasing of its concentration in stuffs, and also its penetration using sorbtion agents. Important role is plaid by the measurements, directed to the improving of metabolic processes in myocardium.

      SOURCE: http://chernobyl-today.org/images/stories/Bandajevski_2001_Radiocaesium_and_heart.pdf

  2. Having a very large portion of your medical staff not returning to Fukushima Prefecture makes sense, they know the dangers of the nucleotides on the body and do not want themselves or their families exposed to it, the dangers are real, wether you are “happy” or not.

    All of the children and women of child bearing years should stay as far away as possible from this destroyed facility. There is no way to clean up the land only time can do that and that and it could take generations to accomplish if ever. Some of these nucleotides last for thousands of years that is a scientific fact and no amount of “happy” people will change that.

    If you have children in the vicinity of this destroyed plant move away now, take the financial hit your children will thank you.
    The Government will not help you save the children they have proven that over the last 9 months. As we say in the West “Actions speak louder than words” and your Government and TEPCO actions in this disaster speak volumes.

    Your children’s health and safety are priceless.

  3. I thought Japan provided free health care for everyone? I see not.

    When small less rich countries provide free health care it makes Japan (and the US too) look like incredibly greedy callous money is everything nations.

    Which they are, once you look behind the curtain.

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