“It’s the destiny of the children to accept the debris.”

On 11/3/2011,Tokyo local government started accepting debris from Iwate.
It was banned to measure radiation around for some reason.

From the report of a freelance journalist,some kind of liquid was leaking out of the container and it was 35 micro Sv/h around.

Tokyo local government received more than 2700 phone calls against it.

Having this public opinion of the citizens,Tokyo mayor ,Ishihara made a public statement.

Shut up.”

Tokyo local government is the 5th biggest stakeholder of Tepco to hold 2.66% of the company stock.(Source)

Tokyo mayor ,Ishihara has once stated that Japanese needs nuclear power to be able to make nuclear bomb whenever it is needed.(Source)

However,he prepared a huge radiation counter at The metropolitan government office sooner than anyone.

The metropolitan government announced that they will keep explaining to the citizens patiently.

Today,one of the citizens called them.

Mr,Takahashi at Environment of Tokyo department politely answered like below.


No matter how many times you call,we will never stop accepting debris.


It’s the destiny of the children to accept the debris.


You sound like noting but an irrational complaint.


If it’s not my job,I would never talk to someone like you.

This is the phone number.


  1. Thank you for sharing this. The world needs more people like you.

    Please take good care of yourself.

  2. Great Coverage – chilling and incredibly arrogant that the mayor not only has no clue how dangerous nuclear is, he wants more and he wants nuclear weapons! Thinks people are ‘hysterical.’ Send him to Chernobyl area, send him to the hospitals and child care facilities, let him have a conference with Yablokov, Nesterenko and Busby! Maybe if he actually read the real science, he would come to his senses. Very chilling to have such obstruction in caring for the Japanese people.

  3. Never, never forgett who they are, never.

    And they are complicitying on a Crime aginst humaity in a scale unpresedented in our history.
    Remember them because this wil be wurse, and that statment is copletly insane and belongs nowhere in a modern sosiety.
    Remember them.

    I wil make my final statment on this Issue, my hart and mind cant cope with it anymore, the sheer insanity, the diliberate blindness to whats going on is devestating. And our nature wil kick back, and when it ocures the price to pay wil be horrible price. Nobody is safe, everybody wil pay, radiation is without mercy.

    I know, and so do the moust of us, that thsi is not over.
    This is the biggest test for the Japanes people, forgett WW2, this si about the future of Japan as a counrty to Live in.
    The only hope left is in the hands of Women in Japan, may the gods be favorable to you. Women are the ones that has finaly waken and I hope they tear down this fabric of Culture and lack of Moral.
    My hope and prayers gowes with you all.
    And know this, sister.
    The spirits that is flying high in the sky, apears small for the ones that dont have the knowledge to see.

    Kick ass.

    It is from the numberless diverse acts of courage and belief that human history is shaped. Each time a man stands up for an ideal or acts to improve the lot of others or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring, those ripples build a current that can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance.

    “Few men are willing to brave the disapproval of their fellows, the censure of their colleagues, the wrath of society. Moral courage is a rarer commodity than bravery in battle or great intelligence. Yet it is the one essential, vital, quality for those who seek to change a world which yields most painfully to change.”

    peace be with you all

  4. The Governor of Tokyo, Shintaro Ishihara, was born in a small city Kobe and he later became a pop novelist of Japan. He was a “low-life” novelist, as most Japanese mus know, although he apparently forgot his own “history”.
    So, I believe a lowlife from a small city Kobe like Ishihara should have never become the Governor of the largest Metropolis of Japan.

    Did the Japanese media industry “fund” (secretly) his election campaign, by giving Ishihara extra time to appear on TV? 🙂
    They did, in fact, as usual only because his little brother (Yujiro) was a pop actor, not a “great” actor by the way.
    And they helped that low-life man to “steal” the Governor’s office many years ago.

    I also find the arrogant bureaucrat of Tokyo (Takahashi from the environment div. of Tokyo Metropolis) very “interesting”.
    He is much like his “boss”, the low-life Ishihara, isn’t he? But Takahashi fails to serve his true boss who is not Ishihara.
    The arrogant Tokyo bureaucrat is employed by someone(s) else, isn’t he?

    Bizarrely, Takahashi and his “boss” Ishihara are acting as if they are the “King” of Tokyo.
    But they are not a king of Tokyo or Japan.
    The Japanese head of state is someone else, not them (not the Japanese PM Noda or his predecessor Naoto Kan either). 🙂

    The bureaucrat Takahashi is supposed to work for the Tokyo Metropolis “residents”.
    Employees of Japan’s public offices are “servants of the whole”, as the Constitution famously states since 1946, but he and his lowlife “boss” do not want to admit it.

    Importantly, the Japanese head of state is not these low-life politicians such as Ishihara, Kan or Noda (not to mention their “guys”).
    The Japanese head of state is “Akihito the Emperor”, isn’t it?

    As Mochizuki san reported yesterday, the Japanese monarch was very sick and had to cancel his “official duty” and his son the Crown Prince attended on His Majesty’s behalf (again, I suppose).
    His grandchildren are apparently already suffering from radiation sickness, too, although the bizarre Japanese “government” never pays attention.
    The “government” never did so to the common Japanese, either, at all so far.

    The Japanese royal family still live in Tokyo like millions of other common Japanese and foreign residents there.
    I am not a Japanese “monarchist” but the murderous actions by the bizarrely arrogant “public servants” of the local Tokyo Metropolis (Ishihara and Takahashi above) are a real threat to the Japanese head of state and the sovereignty of this country.

    By rejecting the normal concerns from thousands of residents of Tokyo and an independent journalist, the former low-life novelist Governor Ishihara (and his bureaucrat Takahashi and others) is virtually assassinating the Japanese Emperor, isn’t he?
    As if he is trying to take over this country by the assassination.

    As long as this “King Ishihara of Tokyo” lets the radioactive particles float in the air and river/seawater of Tokyo (not to mention in food/water) the way he has been doing, he will “succeed” in his assassination plot someday soon.
    But Japanese “investigators” didn’t act to protect the people they are supposed to serve so far.
    They only “served” themselves by stealing money from the “government” while they were letting the radiation contaminate this country.

    Although the “weapon” of this virtual and slow assassination is a silent and invisible poison, called radioactive particles, floating in the air and contained in the foods, Ishihara and his bureaucrats are (virtually and slowly) assassinating the Japanese head of state since months ago.
    Are these arrogant bureaucrats working for the CIA or the MI6? (lol)

    What do they gain by murdering the head of state of Japan and thousands or millions of common Japanese people now?
    Their own “new kingdom”, perhaps.

    All the same, such a “virtual assassination” of the Japanese head of state is a serious threat to the Japanese sovereignty.
    Poison is a well known weapon of political assassinations in the human history, too.

    So I suspect the “Governor” Ishihara and his lieutenant Takahashi (together with Naoto Kan and PM Noda) need to be detained today as “traitors” (“kokuzoku” in Japanese) if the Japanese Metropolitan Police under Ishihara and the Japanese prosecutors are independent from Ishihara and other bizarre suspects.

    In fact, the Japanese prosecutors should have arrested Ishihara, Kan and others (including Noda and his petty bureaucrats like the man called Takahashi) long time ago when they knowingly started the mass murder, with the silent poison called radiation, of the people including the head of state in March.

  5. accept the debris, children`s destiny`s all gone…. this can be a mass killing program!!! banzai??????for these non common sense, dkhd people.

  6. ishihara takahashi y r u doing these? madness, ignorance, non common sense, insanity! or murderer killers anyway you`re dead too…. all of u are still in tokyo …. enjoy the air !!!!!

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