70~80% of cesium dropped to Pacific Ocean

The Meteorological Research Institute published their analysis data showing radiation from the ruined Fukushima reactors and spent fuel pools went around the earth within 10 days, and that 70 ~ 80 % of radioactive cesium dropped into the Pacific Ocean by April.

Mr.Tanaka, a member of the team said, from March to April, subtropical westerlies conveyed most of the plume out of the Japanese islands, but most of it had dropped and contaminated the Pacific Ocean.


  1. on 31/3, I got the message :


    Learn more on ATTENTION DANGER FUKUSHIMA and get livesaving advice.
    Since then, damage to the Ocean is constantly being repeated.

    Blessings to you !

    1. I think this statistics are just to convenient, for them them to say, most of it has gone to dilute into the Pacific ocean, the little left on Japanese land has already decayed, so what are you worrying? All is best in the best of the world, there is no more danger you are all safe and worrying for nothing!
      That is their propaganda speech!
      Yes but how about the other radionucleides as Plutonim or strontium and others???
      No they always talk to you about cesium to hide behind it and silence the other dangerous radioisotopes!!!

      1. Mate, the half-life of Ceasium is 30 years!!!! And your saying it’s all decayed?

        Ceasium will take 60 years to decay completely.

        1. There are not 60 years. Almost completely the radio nuclide disappears for three half-life periods. If half-decay of caesium of 30 years it “almost full disintegration” will demand 90 years!

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    1. True. March is good for me. The Arabs are ready. It seems like Occupy Movement was initiated by the Arab Spring, which may have been started by the commodities speculation of the Americans, especially Goldman Sachs. They took away the bread of the world, and that was too much. Let’s go. If only the people of the world won’t settle for the small bone that is tossed at them. I speak of the Great Depression, when the Progressive Party in America had many good ideas, but the money-men went to Roosevelt, just to keep democracy from taking hold. If we cannot Occupy, let every country assemble twice a month, from now on. I am tired of this “Lessor Of Two Evils” two-party system! Thank you, Mr. Lowe.

        At first blush, all revolutions may seem impossible..
        like stopping an avalanche or a freight train.
        But, with thought and care, vines, such as kudzu,
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        We ordinary people, the field slaves, are many;
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        To confront the array of might assembled against us
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        Yes corporations and despots have killed thousands,
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        They must ultimately answer to the people for crimes
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        No other crimes are more serious, or less forgivable.

        We have gone into the streets before.
        We have voted for peace, social justice and change
        All too many times, As we demonstrated and petitioned.
        We have been confined to “free speech” areas.
        We have been teargassed, tasered, and jailed.
        Their weapons may change.
        More police oppressors are employed.
        But the basic tactics and strategy of oppressors
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        These “Masters of the Universe” steal our houses, loot our pensions,
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        Their crimes are many; our grievances are just.
        These “masters” are arrogant and disastrously inbred.
        They do not understand their new weapons systems,
        their toxic power plants…or their vigilant slaves.

        Yes, lets do march but with rigor.

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