[Video] Tepco’s building frozen water underground wall



Following up this article.. Tepco to start building frozen water underground wall tomorrow (6/2/2014) / 1.5 km, 30m deep, 1550 pipes [URL]


On 6/2/2014, Tepco released the video and pictures of their building frozen water underground wall.

In the video, they are installing the vertical pipe. One pipe is 30m long and takes 5 days to install. They are going to install 1,550 pipes like this.







You read this now because we’ve been surviving until today.


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[Vidéo] Construction du mur souterrain congelé par Tepco


Article lié : Tepco va commencer demain (6 juin 2014) la construction du mur souterrain congelé : 1,5 km, hauteur de 30 m , 1 550 tuyaux

Le 2 juin 2014, Tepco a publié une vidéo et des photos de leur construction du mur souterrain congelé.
Dans cette vidéo, ils installent un tuyau vertical. Un tuyau fait 30 m de long et nécessite 5 jours d’installation. Ils doivent installer 1 550 tuyaux comme celui-ci.


Vous pouvez lire ceci parce que nous avons survécu jusqu’à aujourd’hui.

  1. That seems like an excellent way to concentrate tritiated and deuteriated water, including anything dissolved therewithin around those pipes.
    What is the source of the steel piping? If it be Chinese steel, i expect it to temper and become embrittled much sooner as rads alter it’s crystalline structure.
    Put that in your pipe and freeze it! By the way, what refridgerant are they utilizing?

    1. They are planning to use brine. According to Wikipedia the lowest freezing point obtainable for NaCl brine is −21.1 °C. According to Mainich Shimbun ‘minus 30 degrees Celsius coolant will circulate through the pipes’, so presumably they will be adding other salts.

      www tepco.co.jp/en/press/corp-com/release/2014/1237060_5892.html


  2. Likely a mixture of Ethelene Glycol and water.

    http www rsc org/ (chemistryworld/podcast/CIIEcompounds/transcripts/ethyleneglycol)asp

    The OBJECT of the exercise is flawed. The disclosed temperature drop is inadequate. The potential for cataclysmic disaster is overly high. The likely benefits are trivial. The cost is immense. The energy requirements are enormous. Experience indicates that Fukushima engineering and architecture are unreliable and inadequately redundant.

    Failure is a certainty. The degree of failure is somewhat debatable; until it occurs.

    I expect a cataclysmic result; based on an engineering evaluation of ALL TEPCO/Japan previous efforts at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station.

    1. Antifreeze would seem like the obvious choice but if that’s what Tepco plans to use, why are they calling it brine? (See the Tepco link on my previous post.)

      When the brine leaks, as it inevitably will, won’t it melt the surrounding ice?

      1. I doubt it. Ive a geothermal heat pump in my house. It pumps brine/alcohol into a 145m deep borehole. It doesnt operate low enough to purposefully create a frozen wall, but it can freeze the groundwater around the borehole. I’ve not experienced any leakage, but my guess would be that even if tepcos pipes does leak, and even if the brine managed to melt through an ice wall, the flow of groundwater would dilute the brine until it froze again, self-healing as already pointed out. Just replace the piping in the borehole and continue as usual.

  3. does anyone know what it the advantages of a “freeze” wall vs. a concrete wall?
    The explanation I come up with is that TEPCO still believes it can cool down the molten core by freezing everything it can.
    Going so far to do just that means that Japan knows how bad the actual situation is.
    A concrete wall can stop the water from flowing out, so why would a “freeze” wall be needed? What explanation did TECPO come up with apart from saying that it is to stop the water?

    1. Yes,

      The slushy-wall vendor, golf club manager, several Geisha Girls, bartenders, political rainmakers, lobbyists, bankers … private chefs and hookers.

      No secret whatsoever.

    2. One possible advantage over a concrete wall is that an ice wall will theoretically self-repair when it cracks. (Water will seep into the cracks and freeze.) If the coolant pipes break, for example in an earthquake, it shouldn’t be that difficult to replace them by drilling new vertical holes. (But see my concerns above about leaking brine.) If the power fails the ground will stay frozen for weeks – hopefully long enough to restore the power supply.

      It seems highly unlikely to me that Tepco has any intention of using the ice wall to cool the reactor cores. It’s too far away to have any significant effect on the ground temperature near the reactor buildings. (It’s an ice wall, not an ice cube.)

    3. Unless specially treated, concrete is porus and probably wouldnt stop the flow. But mainly its a lot easier to drill regularly spaced boreholes and pump coolant into them than to dig a 30m deep trench.

    4. Also, as pointed out peviously, there is likely no need to cool the cores at this time. The thermal energy output is by now pretty low. The water most likely acts as a radiation shield for site workers.

      1. In the rabbit hole

        Apparently massive corium slugs do not generate heat on Niall’s world.

        On Planet Earth, massive corium slugs generate significant heat.

        1. Then explain the elephant’s foot.

          It’s a slug of corium that is slightly above ambient temperature.

          You lie, Mr. Bill

          1. No one OWES Diemos any explanations whatsoever.

            The interested reader should be aware that:

            There remains a continuing risk that Chernobyl will again begin to fission.

            The same concern has been raised with respect to various decomissioned civilian and military reactors.

            Corium is highly unstable and highly unpredictable.

            An illustrative chemical analog is nitroglycerine.

            1. “There remains a continuing risk that Chernobyl will again begin to fission.”

              Total nonsense. What is your source for THIS lump of shit?

              1. Vladimir Chernousenko

                Russian scientist Vladimir Chernousenko (Chernosenko) is credited with the expression: “The next Chernobyl will be Chernobyl itself.”

                Vladimir Chernosenko

                1. Thats a fun quote, but you didnt answer the question. Whats your source for the fission statement? we’ve been through this several times. we all know you are a shill, and you’ve been caught lying on numerous occasions, so you need to be very explicit with citing your sources. We are viligant against your lies and trickery.

                  1. The Next Chernobyl

                    The source of the original statement is presumably in the Russian Language. The translators of the original Russian expression, to the English, French, German, Japanese and Chinese languages are unknown.

                    Russian scientist Vladimir Chernousenko (Chernosenko) is generally credited, throughout the world, in the local language, with the expression: “The next Chernobyl will be Chernobyl itself.”

                    Perhaps as an ominous analog, ‘The next Fukushima may be Fukushima itself’. There is an immense amount of radioactive fuel, induced (transmuted) materials, corium and fission products; at both Chernobyl and Fukushima.

                    “The next Chernobyl will be Chernobyl itself.”

            2. “An illustrative chemical analog is nitroglycerine.”

              Nonsense. Total shit. Mr Bill Duff tells obvious lies.

                1. Seems totally unlike a low-entropy configuration to me.

                  OK, the bit about nitroglycerine is a little over-the-top.
                  One would think corium would tend to fan out in it’s response to gravity’s demands.

                  When are they going to empty 1, 2, 5 or 6?
                  It seems they are still flush with last year’s “dash for cash”.

                  Will they hit a point where CSFP fills and they can squeeze no more within?

                  1. Well, there is “a little over the top” and “complete bullshit”, and to give you a hint, it’s not “a little over the top”.
                    Just mr duff doing his thing.

                    The corium will be, relatively speaking, chemically inert. It will have, of course, spread out due to gravity, but the viscosity is not high so it was more of a thick goop than sloshing around like water. It likely dropped to the bottom in mushy chunks, and gradually melted and flowed out a bit. By now its rock hard, and cooled to maybe a few hundred degrees at its center. Its highly unlikely to do anything at all, wont ‘go critical’ unless its disturbed, wont explode or melt into the water table, etc,etc. like in mr duffs wild imaginings.

                    As the radiation decays, the situation gets less severe as time goes on, so i can completely understand that they take their time with it and do the other clean up tasks first. It’d not be fun to open up a melted reactor if your workplace is a radioactive bomb blast zone. It took many years before anyone looked at Three Mile Island meltdown. It IS worrying that there are continued leaks and discharges but the corium isnt going anywhere and doesnt need any rush.

                    1. Does one not gather far more flies with something savory than vinegar?
                      I’ll let you get back to “poking the bear”, if you insist.

                    2. Actually, when they did finally get a peek inside, Three-Mile Island had in fact melted down, opposite what the company previously insisted.

  4. unless this freeze wall goes all the way to bedrock, it won’t stop water intrusion to the site.

    1. There is supposed to be a layer of ‘low permeable rock’ about 25-30 metres down. Whether this rock is actually low permeable, and what exactly that means, and whether it can even be called ‘rock’ at all, is open to question. As Bill and others have pointed out, geological surveys have suggested that the layer in question may be cracked by fault lines (which could send contaminated water into deep aquifers or God knows where).

  5. Nice to see you all getting along and having an actual discussion instead of ceaselessly bickering… and just when I was running out of Troll 2 quotes… Oh well, never fear, I can always start tapping into BIRDEMIC if need be…

    1. you have to wait until bill starts his shift. he then posts his lies, as he is paid to do. regularly and without fail. he’s not allowed do otherwise.

      watch this:

      Mr Bill Duff, who do you work for, and whats your job?

        1. You still didnt answer, bill. Whats wrong, shill rules tell you to ignore these questions?

      1. Engineering Ethics and Public Policy

        The relevant portions of Engineering Society Ethics Statements have been previously disclosed to interested readers. I have no financial conflicts of interest to disclose.

        The Niall Troll/Shill can continue to fuck himself.


              1. Well, what else did you expect?
                You’ve antagonized and “adult cyberbullied” him for months now, dolt!

                When will it end, and why don’t you post some research into NORM/uNORM involved in the fracking process, such as Uranium, thorium, radium/radon, 131I and 90Sr, and then we can all condemn such practices?

                1. It’ll end when he takes his shill propaganda elsewhere. I’m open for debate and discussion, but bill duff does neither. He pastes (never writes his own content) some shill article, and when questioned, he is rude and abusive, igores further debate and discussion, and goes on to paste some new shut which he digs up.
                  If he wants a discussion then he’s doing it all wrong. I say he’s just paid to post his shit and should be banned, or at least that we highlight his shilling in case anyone would read it and believe his propaganda.

                  1. Well, if you are against that industry, post something exposing poor practice and danger to biological health.

                    Maybe you, yourself, can do something to aid animals in an answer to your own previous question, if i may paraphrase “what have humans ever done for animals”. One person can make a difference, from one extreme to another. Which part of the “bell-curve” do you fit under?

                    1. Do you honestly want an answer, or are you just trolling?
                      I am quite comfortable with my contribution.

                    2. Well, enlighten us all to the practices of the Fracking industry regarding Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material &/or the man-make junk, and i think we’ll all pay positive attention.

                      There are many workers in that industry that are divorced from the safety information they so desperately need. Surprisingly, some have actually heard of NORM and the potential beta-burns from fracking fluid.

                      Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) datasheets (MaterialSafetyDataSheets – MSDS), from governance, only regulate labelling for the transportation of radiologicals, not their safety info that should have been available via RSDS sheets, but pitifully the atomic agency in charge has scant public information available.

                      Wish we adhered to European standards in N/A at times.

  6. The Freeze Margin in a functional Ice Wall will move in and out; according to ambient temperature, soil and groundwater conditions (such as salinity). When the refrigeration unit is off, under service, lost AC power, or broken.

    Water/Ice expands significantly at the freezing (triple) point, for the effective solution at hand. The pressures exerted by water expansion are on the order of 30,000 PSI, which is similar to the chamber pressure in a magnum rifle and about 3X the pressures in a pistol chamber. The heaving ice wall (slushy) of the artificial permafrost will likely crush what remains of the basement walls of the nuclear power plants.

    The probability of a dramatic landslide of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station into the Pacific Ocean is LOW, but in the realm of possibility. Some degree of sliding downgrade has a MUCH higher probability. (Probably on the order of 10%.)

    A lousy plan; but Japan is determined to carry it out.

    1. you’re talking through your ass. there is so much wrong in your post that i cant be bothered pointing it all out.

      1. No, this is talking through one’s ass, a la Jim Carey – Pet Detective.
        https ://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6DrRE1LDY_U

        No matter where you go,
        there is always
        some flatulent
        windbag of an asshole
        talking behind your back! pppt! 😛

  7. A Freeze Wall would have a better chance of success with barriers constructed on the outside and inside of the intended wall thickness.

    An effective barrier assembly would include: Radient Barrier, Insulation and Expansion Region. These components would need to be placed between the Building Foundations and the Freeze Wall Zone. Another barrier assembly would need to be constructed on the exterior of the intended Ice Wall. A similar barrier would need to be UNDER the foundation. A similar barrier would need to be above the ice wall, (on the surface of the ground).

    None of that is practical or in the descriptions or the works.

      1. Biggest Cockup in Human History

        If only Japan had warned the Japanese People of the station blackouts, loss of ultimate heatsink, multiple meltdowns, radiation venting efforts deflagrations in FDU-1&2 and supersonic atomic explosion in FDU-3.

        If only Japan had: staged the general ‘shelter in place’, evacuation, personal decontamination and widely distributed KI, Radiogardase and other antiradiation medications.

        Instead Japan concealed the danger, lied, covered up and FUBARED Honshu Island, the Northern Hemispheric atmosphere, and the North Pacific Ocean.

        Japan is a dangerously incompetent government of liars.

  8. Very Instructive:

    The TMI, Chernobyl and Fukushima nuclear reactor disaster responses are highly instructive toward future public policy directions. The nuclear disasters and more particularly, the ‘Team Nuke’ response to these disasters has been utterly unacceptable; as matters of public policy.

    The nuclear reactor disasters are objectively catastrophic to humans, animals, and plant life. The economic impacts are staggering. The efforts of ‘Team Nuke’ INCREASE the severity of these nuclear reactor disasters; in every imaginable way.

    The ‘Team Nuke’ disaster response; as much as the underlying physical disaster; CLEARLY indicates why we cannot tolerate an energy future, with a significant component of civilian nuclear power plants.

    Lives are at stake, and the response is counterproductive.

      1. The BP Macondo well blowout was a significant marine disaster. The CEOs of Shell, Exxon, Chevron and Conoco-Phillips testified before Congress that the BP well architecture was sub-standard. The US Minerals Management Section was dissolved following disclosure of their gross negligence. BP has paid billions in damages, fines and compensation. The warm water Gulf of Mexico has substantially healed; as natural oil spills exceed the periodic industry spills. Naturally occurring microbes eat oil better in warm water than in cold water.

        This initial blowout was a floating flare or burning oil lamp in the Gulf of Mexico. The deliberate scuttling of the Horizon Ship, under the supervision of the US Coast Guard, Navy, EPA and White House created the oil spill into the Gulf of Mexico.

        The largest similarity between the TEPCO Fukushima Nuclear Disaster and the BP Macondo Disaster was; The Cover UP and poor technical disaster response caused MORE TROUBLE, than the initial explosion(s).

        1. Oh, and the Chairman of BP – Peter Denis Sutherland KPMG, and BP President Anthony Bryan “Tony” Hayward were fired.

          Incidentally, if memory serves, Sutherland was also fired as head of Goldman Sachs International and the Royal Bank of Scotland. Sutherland was/is quite the screwup, IMHPO.

        2. Jury Splits the Difference and Convicts Ex-BP Engineer of Destroying Evidence

          Courts, By Paul M. Barrett December 18, 2013, http www businessweek com/ (articles/2013-12-18/jury-splits-difference-and-convicts-ex-bp-engineer-of-destroying-evidence)

          “Today, a jury in New Orleans found that Kurt Mix purposefully obstructed the efforts of law enforcement during the investigation of the largest environmental disaster in U.S. history,” Mythili Raman, acting assistant U.S. attorney general, said in a statement after the verdict. Mix, the first defendant in a criminal case over the spill to face a jury, was accused of deleting multiple messages, including one in which he said the spill was bigger than BP said it was. He went on trial on Dec. 2.

          The jury found Kurt Mix guilty of one of two counts of obstruction of justice. Earlier, jurors had told U.S. District Judge Stanwood Duval Jr. that they couldn’t agree on a verdict. He told them to continue deliberating, and they came back with what appeared to be a compromise. Mix’s lawyer immediately said he would appeal the finding that the engineer deleted text messages and voice-mail related to BP’s estimate of the extent of the spill. Mix faces up to 20 years in prison.

        3. Is another large similarity where there were 3 well-heads at the Macando site, not just the one publicized?

          How many coria?

          1. It is a common practice in O&G exploration, to ‘spud-in’ several surrounding wells. These are often drilled a small fraction of the intended depth of the actual well bore. These satellites are then IMMEDIATELY available for well control purposes, should the need arise. Several relief wells can be started quickly. This reduces the response time and increases the available, technical options.

            If memory serves, BP did NOT choose to adopt such a ‘panic configuration’ for relief wells, going in. BP was ‘pinching pennys’, and it cost them Billions of Dollars. The USA Minerals Management Service was KNOWN to be corrupted; having been recently investigated, by the outgoing George W. Bush & Dick Cheney. Those two guys had their GLARING FLAWS and LIMITATIONS. They DID however know when there was something amiss on an oil well.

            Barack Hussein Obama took in a LOT of campaign contributions from BP; just as he took a LOT of CASH from Entergy and other members of Team Nuke. The corruption, ignorance and stupidity of Team Obama contributed to WORSEN the BP Macondo Disasters and the Fukushima Disasters.


            1. http ://www.washingtonsblog.com/2012/10/there-were-three-not-one-wellheads-at-bps-macondo-well.html

      2. BP has agreed to plead guilty to 14 criminal counts, including manslaughter, and will pay $4 billion over five years in a settlement with the Justice Department over the April 20, 2010, drilling disaster in the Gulf of Mexico that killed 11 people and unleashed the worst offshore oil spill in U.S. history, officials announced Thursday.

        The fine is the largest criminal payment in U.S. history, Justice Department officials said, but BP still faces even bigger penalties from federal civil charges, including those under the Clean Water Act.

        The two top-ranking BP supervisors on the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig — Robert M. Kaluza, 62, of Henderson, Nev., and Donald J. Vidrine, 65, of Lafayette, La. — were indicted on 23 counts, including involuntary and seaman’s manslaughter, for allegedly ignoring warning signs of the blowout that set fire to the rig, which later sank.

        A separate indictment accused David Rainey, a former BP vice president, of hiding information from Congress and lying to law enforcement officials by understating the rate at which oil was gushing into the Gulf of Mexico. Rainey, 58, was BP’s deputy incident commander and BP’s second-highest-ranking representative at the Coast Guard’s unified command for the spill response.

        http www washingtonpost com/ (business/economy/bp-to-pay-billions-in-gulf-oil-spill-settlement/2012/11/15/ba0b783a-2f2e-11e2-9f50-0308e1e75445_story) html

        1. Separately, the London-based oil giant will pay $525 million over three years to settle claims with the Securities and Exchange Commission, which said the firm concealed information from investors. The settlement is subject to U.S. federal court approval.

          BP said it would increase its existing $38.1 billion charge against earnings for the spill by $3.85 billion.

    1. “The nuclear reactor disasters are objectively catastrophic to humans, animals, and plant life. ”
      How would you compare it to, say, the tsunami? Or the deep water horizon oil spill?

      “The economic impacts are staggering.”
      Are they?

      “The efforts of ‘Team Nuke’ INCREASE the severity of these nuclear reactor disasters; in every imaginable way.”
      Really? Every imaginable way? Every??

      1. Criminal Enterprises

        Meanwhile Japan Inc., TEPCO, Yakuza mobsters, IAEA, WHO, General Electric, Toshiba, Hitachi, AREVA, NRC, Barack Hussein Obama, US Congress and the rest of ‘Team Nuke’ proceed with their Continuing Criminal Enterprises in the civilian nuclear power plant industry; formerly known as ‘Atoms for Peace’.

        Atoms for Peace has been a total failure; economically, environmentally, precipitating public heath crises, disrupted more legitimate science and technologies and having facilitated nuclear weapon proliferation.


      2. TROLLSHILLS deserve no consideration, responses, answers and/or courtesies, whatsoever.

        However TrollShills do from time to time raise a question of some general interest to interested Readers. For EXAMPLE, Niall raised a question regarding the BP Macondo Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

        There were some similarities between the BP Macondo and Fukushima disasters. The scope of the pollution was massive in both cases. The trail of captive government agencies, political donations and corruption was similar. Both disasters were MADE WORSE by ill considered government/industrial attempts to cover-up, conceal and blame others.

        However, there the similarities end. The BP Macondo Disaster has progressed toward appropriate criminal charges. The O&G Industry sided AGAINST the ‘bad apple’ behavior of BP.

        Japan Inc. is apparently INCAPABLE of jailing the guilty.


        1. Quote: “The BP Macondo Disaster has progressed toward appropriate criminal charges.”


          Also, how many journalists have lost their lives in relation to either topic?

          1. The global LSM is a useless collection of FLACKS.

            Thus, it would be inappropriate to include LSM personnel, paparazzi, propagandists, shills, trolls and gossip columnists in ‘journalist’ stats.

            Mostly, the deaths of the above are of no concern.

            1. I was referring to the late Matt Simmons.

              Quote: “Simmons also said there were leaks 5 to 7 miles away from the damaged Deepwater Horizon well, and that huge underwater plumes, creating dead zones, covered up to 40% of the Gulf of Mexico.”

              http ://www.examiner.com/article/matt-simmons-bp-cia-conspiracy-theory-suggested-behind-his-unexpected-death

              Microbes my ass! (imho) What ate the microbes? Where did the corexit go? Has it been used elsewhere since?

              I’d have a lot less questions had the LSM “tap” been turned off after the public “show” was over. That was about when i completely gave up on Anderson or same network for news.

              There’s some higher forms of life that seem to have had their development seriously set back.

              How are Texas’ starfish populations, for instance?

  9. Well, that didn’t last… so… I hear a mountain lion! I gotta get back to my house and you better get to your car!

    1. A cougar alert

      Cougars, of all types, are much more entertaining than trolls.

      Happy hunting

  10. The topics of the BP Macondo Disaster in the Gulf of Mexico and Dr. Vladimir Chernousenko, (Chernosenko) have been briefly reviewed due to the INSISTENCE of Troll/Shill Niall (in Sweden but not of Sweden).

    BP, formerly British Petroleum bribed (contributed heavily to) Barack Hussein Obama and the US Minerals Management Service, who were plied with cash, sports tickets, booze, hookers and the like. The MMS was disbanded. BP plead guilty to criminal charges and has paid Billions in damages, restitution, blood-money, fraud, fines and the like. Three (3) officials are being prosecuted for manslaughter and death of a seaman. The CEO and President of BP were fired. More can be done; and perhaps SHOULD be done; however some significant punishments have been exacted.

    The late Dr. Vladimir Chernousenko,served as head of the Ukrainian Academy of Science, and was the lead investigator of the Chernobyl clean up. Dr. Chernousenko and his colleagues in the Chernobyl Liquidators and regional populations, suffered the personal health consequences of the worst nuclear disaster, until Fukushima. He was no supporter of the civilian nuclear power industry in the former USSR or the West.

    If Troll/Shill Niall wishes to further compare and contrast the BP treatment with the Fukushima coddling; I am prepared to continue, in depth. Should Troll/Shill Niall wish to further explore the writings and speeches of late Dr. Vladimir Chernousenko; that will be fine as well.


    Bill Duff

  11. Do the Troll/Shills wish to further examine: the topics of:

    The BP Macondo Disaster in the Gulf of Mexico ?

    & the late Dr. Vladimir Chernousenko, former head of the Ukrainian Academy of Science, and was the lead investigator of the Chernobyl clean up ?

    There are no shortages of relevant material


    Bill Duff

  12. My what a shocker (NOT), the slushy wall is a bust

    ‘Fukushima operator struggles to build ice wall to contain radioactive water’, Environment Fukushima, Agence France-Presse in Tokyo, theguardian.com, Tuesday 17 June 2014 06.01 EDT, http www (theguardian.com/environment/2014/jun/17/fukushima-ice-wall-radioactive-water)

    Tepco said on Tuesday that a smaller, inner ice wall whose pipes it sank earlier to contain the already-contaminated water was proving difficult. “We have yet to form the ice stopper because we can’t make the temperature low enough to freeze water,” a Tepco spokesman said. “We are behind schedule but have already taken additional measures, including putting in more pipes, so that we can remove contaminated water from the trench starting next month.” The coolant being used in the operation is an aqueous solution of calcium chloride, which is cooled to -30C (-22F).

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