5 albino sea cucumbers found in Kagawa / Albino sea cucumber is born for only 1/100,000 possibility


From last December to February, 5 albino sea cucumbers were fished in Sanuki city Kagawa prefecture.

Albino sea cucumber is supposed to be born only 1 in 100,000. Those concerned with the fishing industry are surprised to find 5 of them at once.

4 of them are 10 ~ 25 cm long. The size of the 5th one is not clear.

They are kept in the local science museum.









You read this now because we’ve been surviving until today.


Français :

5 holothuries albinos à Kagawa / la fréquence des holothuries naissant albinos est de 1/100 000


Entre décembre et février dernier, 5 holothuries albinos ont été pêchées à Sanuki, ville de la préfecture de Kagawa.
Les holothuries albinos sont supposées naître une fois sur 100 000 seulement. Ceux soucieux du secteur de la pêche sont surpris d’en avoir ramassé 5 d’un seul coup.
4 d’entre elles font entre 10 et 25 cm de long. La taille de la 5e n’est pas clairement donnée.
Elles sont gardées au musée  scientifique local.

Vous pouvez lire ceci parce que nous avons survécu jusqu’à aujourd’hui.

  1. My shares in albino sea cucumber have plummeted.

    In other news, Japan continues to murder whales for ‘scientific research’.

    1. Well, whaling is also a part of Inuit culture.
      That’s the key word there – culture.
      For that to change, culture would need to change.

      Until the culture changes, who are we to judge?
      There’s a whole lotta culture that is going to change in short order.

      At the moment, i fear for the local indigenous culture as well as other peoples that depend upon the local salmon runs for sustenance. I miss that from my diet now, yet i dare not look back. I can only hope that education has afforded local culture the means to pick up the torch of detection, aiding the effort to reduce harm.

      http ://blog.fishingvancouver.com/2014/06/11/june-10-fishing-update/

      No sturgeon for me. That’s a bottom-feeder. Pass.

  2. Apparently the fukushima radiation is strong enough to mutate sea cucumbers, kill fish, cause Paul McCartney to have a mysterious illness, turn ice blue, make popstars have nosebleeds and earbleeds, make footballers have thyroid problems and create giant phallic asparagii, kills the whole pacific, kills 20000 americans, causes the skies to turn orange, causes fog to light up, causes bears to roll downhill, causes camels to fall sick, AND STILL only Iori has the scoop on this. Are Team Nuke the ONLY ones in all of Japan who own detectors, and the above is what everyone else uses?

    1. It’s the human species that needs to quit playing cowboy with nature. We must act more like astronauts, spacemen taking care of Spaceship Earth.

      1. Also, you forgot to mention the couple that Mochizuki-san was helping to try to relocate who noted that their symptoms were greatly improved during the time they were abroad.

  3. Rule Out

    Radiation exposure and Internal Radionuclides cause and contribute to a VAST array of medical conditions, signs and symptoms. Such radiation related maladies are so numerous that radiation exposures are included among the general category of ‘The Great Pretenders’. Other great pretenders include: tuberculosis, syphilis, HIV/AIDS as well as several congenital conditions.

    Nothing can be ‘Ruled Out’ when ‘The Great Pretenders’ are a factor.

    1. Wasn’t there recently a fatality from the ill-fated deck crew of the USS Ronald Reagan?

      Quote: “BREAKING — A NUCLEAR HOTSEAT EXCLUSIVE: First death of a USS Ronald Reagan sailor hit by radiation from Fukushima Daiichi while …”

      –> https ://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f46iXf865jM

      Lest we forget. Government may quickly forget, but we cannot.

      1. Is there a better accounting of how they helped to save our asses here from glowing in the dark much more than they are now?

        I remember hearing of a barge crew that did manage to get some water to the defunct facility early on, but only disjointed accounts.

        1. Also, have you heard of the USS Jimmy Carter?

          Sheesh; it seems at times we need borrow the services of the real ex-President Carter for elections here in BC. Though we have not yet Diebold or similar voting machines, miraculous things seem to happen since before the Oilympics in the results.

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