Tepco to start building frozen water underground wall tomorrow (6/2/2014) / 1.5 km, 30m deep, 1550 pipes


Tepco is going to start building the frozen water underground wall on 6/2/2014.


By surrounding 4 reactor & turbine buildings with this frozen water wall, Tepco expects to reduce the groundwater volume to flow to the basement floors of these buildings.

However reducing the groundwater volume may affect the soundness of the ground and also it may damage the underground structures, NRA (Nuclear Regulation Authority) didn’t give Tepco the approval until 5/30/2014.


The wall is going to be 1.5 km long. Tepco is to put 1,550 pipes to 30m underground. These 1,550 pipes are connected to the horizontally installed brine pipes to circulate the refrigerant of -30℃. The surrounding soil is expected to be frozen to stop the groundwater flowing in.

Tepco plans to have it in the full operation by the end of March in 2015.





You read this now because we’ve been surviving until today.


Français :

Tepco va commencer demain (6 juin 2014) la construction du mur souterrain congelé : 1,5 km, hauteur de 30 m , 1 550 tuyaux


Tepco va commencer la construction du du mur souterrain congelé le 2 juin 2014.

Tepco espère réduire le volume d’eaux souterraines s’écoulant dans les sous-sol des bâtiments en entourant ceux des 4 réacteurs et de leurs turbines avec ce mur congelé souterrain.
Néanmoins, réduire le volume peut altérer la solidité du sol et endommager les structures souterraines, la NRA (Nuclear Regulation Authority) n’a pas donné son approbation à Tepco avant le 30 mai 2014.

Ce mur va faire 1,5 km de long. Tepco va enfoncer 1 550 tubes de 30 m dans le sol. Ces 1 550 tubes seront reliés aux tuyaux glycolés horizontaux faisans circuler le réfrigérant à -30℃. Le sol alentour est supposé congeler et arrêter l’écoulement des eaux souterraines vers l’intérieur.
Tepco prévoit sa mise en marche pour fin mars 2015.


Vous pouvez lire ceci parce que nous avons survécu jusqu’à aujourd’hui.

  1. Ridiculous. If they really planned to do this they should have left 5 and 6 intact to generate power to run it.

    That kind of refrigeration takes power.

    1. There’s no end to the reasons why they can’t continue to use Units 5 & 6 ….

      1. 5 & 6 were ir-reparably damaged by the quake.

        All of Fukushima Dai-chi is completely non functional.

        Even the Dai-ini plants are in terrible shape

  2. Salt Water Contamination

    IF memory serves, Sea Water and/or radioactively contaminated Sea Water was pumped as coolant water and/or make-up water in Fukushima Daiichi Power Plants FDU-5 & FDU-6.

    Salty Sea Water does not do good things for Nuclear Reactors. Accelerated corrosion and the nuclear chemistry are VERY Bad Things.

    Ruined, and unusable.

    1. Your memory seems unreliable.

      http en wikipedia org (/wiki/Fukushima_Daiichi_units_4,_5_and_6)

      1. Fuck wikipedia,

        Wikipedia is as useless as balls on a heifer.

        The Ultimate Heat Sinks were lost, due to damage from the Tsunami and the additional blockage of flotsam and jetsam.

        Plus, FDU-5 and FDU-6 receive their cooling water from Inside the Fukushima Harbor.

        Contamination issues and corrosion issues.

        And is Diemos now saying that Japan and TEPCO are too cautious? What a sadly stupid conclusion, that would be.

      2. It’s not just his memory which is unreliable, it’s all the other things too.

        1. Quote: “In Sweden, the criminal offense of denigration (ärekränkning) is regulated in Chapter 5 of the Criminal Code.”

          Perhaps you have sufficient grounds for a criminal complaint against Niall, Mr. Duff.

          see: http ://fukushima-diary.com/2014/05/no-evidence-to-support-the-rumor-of-fire-on-reactor4/#comment-2087674

          1. One way out for him is to issue a blanket retraction and apologize for his alleged criminal denigration and to refrain from such behavior in the future.

          2. Fuck Sweden,

            I have never traveled to Sweden; or been under the jurisdiction of Swedish law. I repeat, Sweden can fuck itself. That is about the level of ‘apology’ that is forthcoming.


          3. Niall more likely dwells in his mother’s apartment basement, which is probably located closer to Hoboken, New Jersey; than to Scandanavia.

  3. Okay you all-forget the name calling and backdoor mud slinging, Naill you really get Off Topic (OT). Everyone should treat people on this blog like THEY would like to be treated, like family. We have enough problems without sqabbling and being rude onine. If you have time to post trash, do some research on Fukushima radiation, make engineering diagrams, collect TBS videos and make a real story here.

    And I agree on the mess of Reactors 4 and 5, have the actual comments and reports stored.

    Back to the topic/problem of the ICE WALL. 30 meters deep..when the corium are likely deeper? Or at least, close to that level. So lets see..ice wall 30 meters deep..I can see the top 30 meters of the land sliding off into the ocean..top will be dry..under 30 meters..will be a WET sliding mess. Stupid is as stupid does.

    1. Planetary Defense

      The Golden Rule, does not apply to ‘Team Nuke Trolls’.

      Screw them

    2. The corium is not likely to be 30m below ground level. This has been modeled and simulated by many independent agencies. I suggest you look it up for yourself if you are interested. Or, you know, listen to tinfoil hat wearing lunatics who rant on and on, and can’t even be polite.

      1. One guess is as good as another.

        The RESULTS, (if any) of the Muon Corium Mapping project have been unreasonably withheld. Therefore, in the contrived absence of DATA, one guess is arguably, as good as another.

        The Supersonic Detonation and metal vaporizing temperatures in the FDU-3 explosion; justify some VERY DEEP, worst-case scenarios. We CAN, in the absence of reliable DATA, validly CHOOSE to assume that the Reactor & Metal Shell failed entirely and the foundation was SHATTERED.

        Corium COULD HAVE run like water, unalloyed; DEEP into the earth; until explosively cooled by groundwater. We would expect STEAM, and STEAM was visibly generated.


        1. No Muon Corium Mapping project has ever been deployed.

          It has never moved out of the proposal stage.

            1. not. Shut up about your detonation, its crazy bullshit. Take your lies elsewhere.

              1. CAN be Muon Mapped from a continent away. It merely requires a larger receiver/sensor array, to achieve the desired resolution.

                So, Maybe so, maybe no.

                100% Liars on ‘Team Nuke’

                1. You could even muon map it from Mars. It merely requires a lsrger receiver/sensor array.
                  Maybe not so practical though.

                  Are you a professional expert on muon mapping techniques, mr shill duff? or are you just paid to lie?

      2. even if the corium is 30 meters down, it’s not going to matter.

        If the corium is one meter down it won’t matter.

        The need is to get the corium contained, and that means getting it contained
        not with the ice wall but dug up and in lead lined containers in a deep deep mine.

        1. The need is to prevent the groundwater from flowing in, and flowing out again carrying contamination. Jesus, do you people pay ANY attention to whats going on?

          1. The short term need is to prevent the groundwater from flowing in, and flowing out again carrying contamination. The long term need is to isolate the coriums. The might be achieved by some combination of a groundwater barrier and a Chernobyl-type sarcophagus. There is no guarantee that any of this will be possible, even in the unlikely event that the project is adequately resourced.

              1. Agreed. The more resources (intellectual, technological, labour, finance) that are devoted to it, the greater the chance of success. While I have doubts and apprehensions about the ice wall proposal, I appreciate the fact that they’re making a serious attempt to address the groundwater problem.

          2. Cement Grouting and metal liners can construct an underground building complex. No matter how deep the corium went.

            More and deeper underground walls are required up slope and up strike.

            The Slushy Box is doomed to 1,000 failures.

            There is virtually no chance of even a partial success for the Slushy Box.

            The unintended consequences are VERY far reaching and costly.

  4. One of the arguments I’ve heard in favour of the ice wall is that it will re-freeze and hence effectively self-heal if (when) it is cracked by an earthquake. But presumably the cooling pipes will break, and I imagine it will be difficult (and costly) to install replacement pipes once the ground is frozen. Does anyone have any information on this?

    1. Yeah,

      But Japan has been ignoring such concerns; and throwing caution to the winds.

      You can’t dig graves in permafrost. You just wait until spring.


          1. Thats very rude. Getting a bit upset now that everyone knows you are a lying shill whose word doesnt mean shit?

            1. There you go again, talking about yourself as a third-person.

              Then again, you still believe that my last name is Duff.

          2. That is 1 HP or 745 Watts per ton of refridgerent.
            An estimate quoted 12 MegaWatts needed perpetually.

            That’s about 16100 tons of refridgerent required, not counting piping, compressors, transformers, etc, etc, etc.

            What are they using for refridgerent?

            1. Too ignorant to understand a simple response.

              HVAC (Air Conditioners, Refrigerated Air, Heat Pumps) are COMMONLY Rated in the USA by the word/term TON.

              A 1 Ton window unit refrigerated air, can be purchased at a Box Store such as Home Depot, Lowes, Ace Hardware or Sears for about $150. An 8 year old girl can pick one up. It does not weigh a ton, more like 20 kg.

            2. How to convert BTU/hr to tons

              One refrigeration ton is equal to 12000 BTUs per hour:

              1 RT = 12000 BTU/hr

              One BTU per hour is equal to 8.33333×10^-5 refrigeration ton:

              1 BTU/hr = 8.33333×10^-5 RT

              So the power P in refrigeration tons (RT) is equal to the power P in BTUs per hour (BTU/hr) divided by 12000:

              P(RT) = P(BTU/hr) / 12000

  5. Korea Foxholes

    The USA winter foxholes in the Korean Conflict; were often dug; by locking one tank/halftrack/bulldozer track; and revving it up. Eventually, the spinning tank would GRIND a slight depression in the ground.

    Artificial Permafrost at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station is a MONUMENTALLY BAD idea. The inadequacy of the coolant temperatures vastly increases the likelihood of a catastrophic failure.

    Graft and increased electricity use, are the criteria; rather than science, geology, and/or engineering. Japan calls it the ‘Freeze Wall’; but that result is unlikely.

    Here comes the slushy wall.

    1. “Artificial Permafrost at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station is a MONUMENTALLY BAD idea. The inadequacy of the coolant temperatures vastly increases the likelihood of a catastrophic failure.”

      Mr Bill Duff is an expert on large scale artifical permafrost installations at nuclear plants. He knows all about inadequacy and catastrophic failure. Now if only he had a bit of sense too. But thats not required when you are employed to constantly post drivel and bad mouth every effort.

      I’ve aefeeling that the above quote will be joining the collection of bill duff stupidisms.

      1. I have worked on more HVACR projects, in various technical capacities, than ALL the ‘Team Nuke’ trolls on this site, combined.

        Niall (in Sweden, but not a Swede) is a TOTAL ‘know-nothing’, and a full time Liar. And a lousy liar at that. And Niall has never completed a useful task; in his miserable, useless existence. (We must use the word existence because the term LIFE does not apply; to trolls.)

              1. Not according to diemos, which he posted yesterday:

                Quote: “Hey! You got one right Bill.”

                . quoted from June 1, 2014 at 7:07 pm: http ://fukushima-diary.com/2014/06/kashiwa-city-gov-also-warned-not-to-go-close-to-the-river/#comment-2128974

  6. Japan is now approaching, or may have already exceeded, their previous record for hemispheric death & destruction, set between 1936 and 1945.

    The ‘smart-money’ bet is that they will soon break the WWII record with the Fukushima Disaster, if they have not already done so. Their present level of disdain for ‘all contrary opinions’; is remarkably similar to the prevailing attitudes of the previous depredation.

    It is difficult to put a $-Price-$ on a dead ocean.

    1. I’d say the real issue is the decline in fertility, the unborn will be the problem

        1. It is good to see that you acknowlege the decline in fertility as a problem after the start of the Fukushima Mega-Disaster (caused by earthquake & hubris).

    2. 150,000 dead after the tsunami is pretty bad. A few dozen after fukushima is probably less than those who die in traffic accidents each year. You are a sensationalist, lying shill.

      1. Horseshit

        The Japanese are dying like flies on Honshu Island.

        Just EXACTLY like the Chernobyl regional deaths, cancers & disabilities.

        And the dying has just gotten started.

        Both Places

        1. Here’s some actual data to go with Bill’s hysterics.

          http data world bank org (/indicator/SP.DYN.IMRT.IN/countries/JP?display=graph)


          1. Where is the data?

            I see nothing after 2012.
            That is based on data irrelevant to 2013 and 2014, and therefore moot.

            Nice try though.

  7. Completely Screwed:

    Minus forty (-40) degrees coolant temperature is insufficient for the task at hand.

    The intended purpose is poorly thought out.

    The risks of destabilizing the soil are high. A landslide may occur.

    The consequences approximate an ELE. (Extinction Level Event)

    Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, did you enjoy the play?

    Other than that, it would be a great corium containment plan.

    1. Thank you for the informed, expert consultation there Bill. Always good to hear the unbiased, reasonable, suitably referenced, levelheaded, educated opinion from an experienced professional in that field, rather than just some moron on the internet spouting bullshit out of his ass.

          1. What do you expect?
            You continue to bait him and balk at the results.

            It must be difficult for you maintaining any personal relationships, as your social skills appear undeveloped – child.

  8. Readers who wish to detour around the Troll Lies, may wish to review this relatively simple material.

    Space, Oct 22, 2012 10:13 AM ET // by Jennifer Ouellette, http news discovery com/ (space/using-cosmic-rays-to-study-fukushima-reactor-121022) html

    ‘Using Cosmic Rays To Study Fukushima Reactor’

    In a new paper in the journal Physical Review Letters, scientists at Los Alamos National Laboratory have confirmed that they can use cosmic rays to pinpoint the location of nuclear material inside the reactor buildings. The technique is called muon radiography, a scattering method developed after the 9/11 terrorist attacks that can be used to produce images of objects the particles strike, similar to how x-rays work, only with less damage to the objects they contact. It’s also used to detect potentially smuggled nuclear materials.

    Muons are ideal for remotely detecting highly radioactive materials such as uranium because their scattering angle increases with atomic number, and most reactor core materials have a high atomic number. So they show up more clearly in images produced from muon scattering data, compared to surrounding objects.

    1. Yes you should read it.

      Then you’ll know that they need to install detectors on both sides of the reactor building in order to do this and Bill’s statement that the detectors can be on another continent is pure refined Bullshit.

    2. Readers wishing to further review Muon technologies may wish to visit these sites.

      http corium blogspot com/

      http www lanl gov/ (newsroom/news-releases/2012/October/10.17-fukushimas-nuclear-scar php# UH7TRWP9jq0) twitter

      In a Troll Lie Free Environment …

  9. The corium mapping project has been discussed extensively.

    The LYING of Japan, TEPCO, USA ‘Team Nuke’, Media and other Trolls is accelerating.

    http www japantimes co jp/ (text/nn20120120f1) html

    http enenews com/ (japan-times-serious-concern-fukushima-tepco-doesnt-melted-fuel-came-rest-major-mystery)

    Nobody is buying the plethora of ‘Team Nuke Lies’ anymore.

    It is time to shut ‘Team Nuke’ down; and dismantle their most dangerous toys.

  10. ‘Team Nuke’ does not wish to discuss the Corium locations, emissions & heat generation.

    Scientists: Cosmic rays can see through nuclear reactor, locate fuel

    January 24, 2014, By JIN NISHIKAWA/ Staff Writer http ajw asahi com/ (article/0311disaster/fukushima/AJ201401240069)

    Japanese scientists have developed a method to use cosmic rays to see through a nuclear reactor, raising hopes for locating and accounting for melted fuel inside the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant.

    “Installing several sensors outdoors for a month or so is enough to get a picture of internal structures,” said Fumihiko Takasaki, a particle physics scientist at the High Energy Accelerator Research Organization. “Our technology is well established, so I hope it will be used to help decommission the stricken reactors at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant.”

    Takasaki and his co-workers installed sensors outdoors at the Tokai No. 2 nuclear power plant in Ibaraki Prefecture between February 2012 and December 2013 to detect muon particles contained in cosmic rays. Muon beams, which are absorbed more easily in high-density materials such as uranium, can be used to obtain see-through images, much in the way of X-ray radiography. The measurements allowed the scientists to outline the shape of the reactor containment vessel, locate the fuel storage pool and size up the amount of nuclear fuel being stored. The perspective images clearly showed the fuel was stored in two separate sections in the storage pool.

    Even if the melted fuel has escaped into the basement levels, it can still be located by installing sensors in underground holes, the scientists said. Each sensor unit weighs 800 kilograms, not including the steel sheets for shielding radiation, and costs around 20 million yen ($200,000), they added.

  11. Shutter the WORST of the WORST, please. Let us endeavor to LEARN from the mistakes of the past.

    All of these failed systems are General Electric Mark-1 civilian power plant designs. The design deficiencies of the GE Mark-1 ‘containment system’ have been a matter of record for over 30 years.

    Perhaps the USA NRC should join Planet Earth in outlawing the architectural DEFICIENCIES of the General Electric Mark-1 pseudo-containment design. The GE Mark-1 power plants are the WORST of the WORST of the WORST of the civilian operated nuclear power station equipment on the Blue Planet.

    Perhaps the NRC should CANCEL ALL the GE Mark-1 operating licenses, in the USA; rather than extend their licenses by ANOTHER twenty (20) YEARS. No GE Mark-1 power plant should EVER be loaded with MOX Fuel.

    Is it too much to ask, that the USA NRC outlaw the most hazardous design on EARTH? Pretty Please!

    Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock

  12. Dominon Power in Virgina VEPCO)is looking at extending the life of THEIR nuclear plants to 80 EIGHTY years. Basically I think they dont want to have to pay the clean up tax..so by prorating by 80 years, not 20 years, the costs are less. Either way, bad bad idea.

    1. Decommission the worst of the worst, ASAP!

      If the nuclear plants are EVER shut down, they will be idle for 50 Years before they are disassembled.

      Without question, the GE Mark-1 civilian nuclear power plants are the worst of the worst. The GE Mark-1 nuclear power plants should NEVER be loaded with MOX (plutonium enriched) Fuel.

      The RISK is enormous and the consequences are devastating.

      1. Extinction Level Events!
        The Death Of The North Pacific!
        Vast Radionuclide Storms Every Weekend!
        Spontaneous Nosebleeds!

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