[Column] The worst thing you wouldn’t want to know

Sometimes people ask me what I would do in the Arctic Circle.
I always say “Live”.

Some of them ask me, what’s that life for ?

Maybe they live for clubbing, shopping, hanging out and etc.. (though you could hand out with polar bears.)
For me, living is to breathe and imagine.
I want to remove all the disturbance from around me and free my thoughts.
You can’t take your toys to heaven or hell.

Speaking of heaven, probably the worst thing that people wouldn’t want to know is we already live in heaven.

If you think you live in hell, you are too optimistic. Things won’t be better. This is why you are in heaven.

I manage everything by myself. I’d even have to delete all the trolls for this column too, so I sometimes think too much. What if something happened at the airport ? What if the lawyer said no ? what if what if what if ?
Then I realized, even if I’m in heaven, probably I’d be concerned about “May I fall into hell tomorrow ?” Nothing would change unless you change yourself. Until you find your own peace in yourself, you can’t find your peace anywhere you go, even in heaven.

Let’s concentrate on this very moment -0.000000000・・・1 sec-. Did something happened to you ? I’m sure no. so you are safe as long as you stay in this moment. This is why you are in heaven.

Actually, the Arctic Circle is not so far from Japan, it’s only 7,000 ~ 10,000 km because the earth is spherical. Again, some people say it’s also contaminated.
Yes, probably. but still so much better than eastern Japan. At least there are much less Cs-134 and Sr-89.

Another merit of the Arctic Circle is the society is individualistic. Sometimes people concern about it they can adapt themselves into the new community. I think “installation” should be as easy as possible.
I’m going to research prices of grocery and housing situation mainly.

This restaurant is my second office. I just ordered a salad (80 cent) and found a worm in lettuce.
I couldn’t help return it but I just noticed it’s so much more harmless than radiation. It even proves the lettuce doesn’t kill a worm. Radiation is invisible. Don’t be manipulated by your primitive sense of fear.




Français :

[Édito] La pire des choses que vous ne voudriez pas connaître

Les gens me demandent parfois ce qu’on peut faire dans le cercle Arctique.
Je réponds toujours “Vivre”.

Certains d’entre eux me demandent à quoi sert ce genre de vie ?

Peut-être vivent-ils pour être branchés, faire des courses, donner des conseils, etc.. (bien qu’on puisse discuter avec les ours polaires.)
Pour moi, vivre c’est respirer et imaginer.
Je veux effacer toutes les perturbations autour de moi et libérer ma pensée.
On n’emporte pas ses jouets au paradis ou en enfer.

A propos du paradis, la pire des choses sans doute que les gens ne veulent pas savoir est que nous sommes déjà au paradis.

Si vous pensez vivre en enfer, vous êtes trop optimiste. Les choses ne peuvent aller mieux. C’est pour ça qu’on est au paradis.

Je gère tout par moi-même. Je dois même effacer tous les trolls de cet éditorial, alors parfois je pense trop. Et s’il se passe quelque chose à l’aéroport ? Et si l’avocat dit non ? et si, et si ?
J’ai réalisé ensuite que, même si je suis au paradis, je devrais sans doute me soucier sur “Est-ce que je peux tomber en enfer demain ?” Rien ne peut changer tant que vous n’êtes pas en paix avec vous-même, on ne peut trouver de paix nulle part où qu’on aille, même au paradis.

Examinons ce moment précis – pendant 0.000000000・・・1 sec -. Vous est-il arrivé quelque chose ? Je suis certain que non, donc vous êtes en sécurité tant que vous restez dans ce moment. C’est pourquoi là vous êtes au paradis.

De fait, l cercle Arctique n’est pas très loin du Japon, il en est à seulement 7 à 10 000 kms parce que la terre est ronde. Certains disent aussi que c’est également contaminé.
Oui, sans doute, mais ça reste toujours mieux que le Japon oriental. Au moins, on a beaucoup moins de Cs 134 et de Sr 89.

Un autre mérite du cercle Arctique est que la société est individualiste. Les gens s’inquiètent parfois de savoir s’ils peuvent s’adapter à une nouvelle communauté. Je pense que l'”installation” devrait être aussi facile que possible.
Je vais surtout chercher les prix des des épiceries et des hébergements.

Ce restaurant est mon second bureau. J’ai seulement commandé une salade (80 cents) et j’ai trouvé un ver dans la laitue.
Je ne pouvais pas la retourner mais j’ai remarqué surtout que c’est bien moins dangereux que la radioactivité. Ça montre même que la laitue ne tue pas un vermisseau. La radioactivité est invisible. Ne vous laissez pas manipuler par vos peurs primitives.

  1. Iori , life , the vibrations of our neurons are like the vibrations of a guitar string : you pluck it and enjoy the sound until the vibration stops , and we die .

    Why not pluck it again , and again in a perpetual song , a perpetual life .

    Gather responsible scientists and trim the human DNA , and you’ll not have to live in the dead Arctic but in the arms of a billion songs friendly Family , the human specie .

    How deep it gets ? Grigory Volovik and Huang had demonstarted that the Universe is made of a Superfluid , hence all phenomena can be only what can happened in a fluid which is : waves , vortices and their harmonics .

    Therefore the deadly radiation is just that , a wave or a vortex ( and harmonics ) . It does sound like something we should be able to find ways to manage .

    Another major hint involving the Superfluid consequences : if the cynobacteria or a fungus was able to use the radiation energy and grow , it hints at ways to harness it …

    1. Quick project :

      1) find how , what is the process by which the fungus harnesses the radiation ( and not get distroyed )

      2) take that process and incorporate it in a Foam-like Carrier

      3) spray that foam inside and outside to cover entirely the buildings ( foam consistency and rigidity are factors ) . That should stop the radiation leaking out . Make the foam be able to filter running water as well .

      Any takers ?

  2. The worm tells you the food is Organic , Great stuff , don’t return it !

    Romania was mostly organic for decades to save money .
    Pesticides lower the IQ . Do you find Romanians a bit Sharper ?

  3. “The essence of philosophy is that a man should so live that his happiness shall depend as little as possible on external things.” Epictetus

    “It is the privilege of the gods to want nothing, and of godlike men to want little.” Diogenes

    “All man’s miseries derive from not being able to sit quietly in a room alone.” Blaise Pascal

    “I count him braver who overcomes his desires than him who conquers his enemies; for the hardest victory is over self.” Aristotle

    “The life of self indulgence is indeed a kind of sleep. Endless physical gratification is no more fulfilling than a dream, and its pursuit has tied us to an economic system that Gandhi warned nearly a century ago is based on the “multiplication of wants,” and was for that reason doomed.” Michael Nadler, UC Berkeley professor

    “It is no measure of mental health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” krishnamurti

    1. NoBody and Iori , all those proverbs miss one thing : the present and past meaning of life is Death … so they are useles .

      I’ll say it one more time : the DNA can make us imortal , beautiful even skin deep , born with knowledge and empathic .

      But if you like dramas and soap-operas you can go ahead and waste your Given time between Extinction Level Events …

      Over and Out .

  4. Polar bears are gorgeous animals but dangerous.

    do not approach them without care and assistance.

    An engineer of mine used to stand bear watch on a canadian island for people doing field excercises.
    He said he kept 3 cartridges in the rifle. 2 so he could shoot his supervisor in the knees, 1 in case the bear decided to charge him instead.

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