[Column] Reality

If you think media is to report the facts, it’s wrong.
Media is to create the facts. They are the reality maker.

If they report it, it’s real. If they don’t, it didn’t happen.

Even if you saw it yesterday, if it’s not in the newspaper, you didn’t see anything.

This is the media. We outsourced our sense of reality.

Now it’s the time of media. They are in full operation to create another “reality”, which is not about this planet.

One of my Twitter friends has been sick since 2 weeks ago.
She was living in the metropolitan area but moved to the central Japan after 311.
She’s a such a source for me. Sure she was taking extra care about what to eat.

Symptoms.. Unstoppable coughing, fever, fatigue, headache, diarrhea etc..

That’s exactly the same as what I went through in November of 2011.

But this time, she had her blood test. I didn’t. As a result, her white blood cells were significantly low level, which was 2700. It’s in the warning level. (When you get cold, your white blood cells usually increase. )
If it was before 311, she would have been required to have a detailed inspection for 100%, but she wasn’t this time. Doctor wasn’t happy to be asked any question.

The reason why she doesn’t move to Okinawa or further remote area is because she has a lot of small birds. Some birds are too sensitive to travel long. She can’t leave them behind.
I can really understand how she feels. If she makes up her mind to move abroad or somewhere, I’d be more than willing to help. I could even try to share some of her birds. I won’t eat them.

Media is amazingly good at ignoring these facts.
It didn’t happen because none of the newspapers wrote, but Fukushima Diary does.
I won’t let it ignored, forgotten, abandoned.

As long as Fukushima Diary is standing here, media can’t rule the reality 100%.




Français :

[Édito] Réalité

Si vous pensez que la presse rapporte les faits, c’est faux.
La presse crée les faits. Ils sont les fabricants de réalité.

S’ils le disent, c’est que c’est vrai. S’il n’en disent rien, ça n’est pas arrivé.

Même si vous l’avez vu hier, si ce n’est pas dans le journal c’est que vous n’avez rien vu.

C’est ça, la presse. Nous avons externalisé notre sens de la réalité.

A présent c’est l’heure des médias. Ils fonctionnent à plein régime pour créer une autre “réalité” qui n’est pas celle de notre planète.

Une de mes amies sur Twitter est malade depuis 2 semaines.
Elle vivait dans la zone métropolitaine mais a déménagé au centre du Japon après le 11-3.
Elle est une telle source pour moi. Évidemment, elle faisait très attention à ce qu’elle mange.

Symptômes : Toux inextinguible, fièvre, fatigue, mal de tête, diarrhées, etc.

C’est exactement la même chose que ce que j’ai eu pendant tout novembre 2011.

Mais cette fois elle a eu son analyse sanguine. Je n’en ai pas eu. Aa bilan, ces globules blancs sont franchement bas, soit 2700. C’est le seuil d’alerte. (Quand on a un rhume, les globules blancs augmentent, habituellement.)
Si on était avant le 11-3, on lui aurait demandé have un bilan complet à 100% mais on ne lui a pas demandé cette fois. Le médecin n’appréciait aucune question.

La raison pour laquelle elle ne s’en va pas à Okinawa ou plus loin est qu’elle a beaucoup de petits oiseaux. Certains sont trop fragiles pour un voyage aussi long. Elle ne peut pas les laisser derrière elle.
Je peux vraiment comprendre ce qu’elle ressent. Si elle se décide à partir à l’étranger ou ailleurs, je pourrais plus que vouloir l’aider. Je pourrais même essayer de partager certains de ses oiseaux. Je ne les mangerai pas.

La presse est incroyablement bonne pour ignorer ce genre de faits.
Ce n’est jamais arrivé parce qu’aucun journal n’en a parlé à part le Fukushima Diary.
Je ne vais pas le laisser ignoré, oublié, abandonné.

Tant que le Fukushima Diary est debout, la presse ne peut pas diriger la réalité à 100%.

  1. hi Fukushima diary,

    I so agree and so understand how your friend must feel about her birds and so on…

    I live in France. In this country, we have electricity every day, affordable and so easy to switch on. But we also have those nuclear reactors every where, and believe it or not, I often think about moving somewhere. But I have my birds too. Here the accident did not occured yet. Not the big one that is to say.

    i think of nuclear power as a prominent part of the war against humanity.

    here in your writings, I feel there are still human beings after the big one. That is called hope.

    Thanks for that! and greatings from France, the nuclear country…

  2. Lori. I care about your story, and your friend and her birds. The terrible dilemmas. Thank you for reporting her story. You are right about the media: we must all reclaim our own sense of reality. And stories like your friends are pivotal: they are in fact the anchors of our reality. Like yourself, I don’t chose to ignore these anchors.

  3. I think you are my poet for the future….My dear Iori!

    I am moving to Chile today. The facts are clear…The plume over us now is too musch to stay under- remember Bioaccumlation leads to slow sneaky death!
    I promise that all of you that know about the fate of the Northern Hemisphere I will establish a safe haven for any of you who want to come and live and grow food and live as far south as we can!!!!!!!!!!

    Antonio Dino Gagliasso

    I love you all.


  4. The “plume” is circling in the high atmossphere and Fuku adds to it every second more particles rise up into this soup. 4 melt downs if you include that unit 4 had NO water for 2 days!!! in December 2012…
    So it is up above us and going around and being added to and then…The big water plume of radiation is coming. look at the German Study- West coast will be 10x hotter than Japan!!!!! So IF YOU WANT TO LIVE you must get south of the Equator period!!!!!!!
    Sure it will come down there in 40 years it will be everywhere but that is an impotant 40 years to live and stay away from the big thick plumes above us and in the northern Pacific- by the way the Nothern Pacific creates the whearther over Northern America.

    GET OUT!


  5. I have been reading Fukushima Diary almost daily for what seems like forever. The news you bring the world is almost always bad but I have this craving for the truth. The Main Stream Media ignores anything their multinational corporation masters do not want the general population to know. Thank You For All You Do.

  6. Lori,

    You give me hope for humanity. Please take good care.

    My heart breaks everyday knowing how ignorant many are about what has happened. They think it doesn’t have anything to do with them here in the US. Most here believe it only affected Japan. People are shocked when I explain just what is occurring.

    Ignorance is bliss, until it isn’t.


    Vicki T. in Pennsylvania, US

  7. “You know, by the time you become the leader of a country, someone else makes all the decisions. … You may find you can get away with virtual presidents, virtual prime ministers, virtual everything.”
    Virtual President of US, Bill Rockefeller Clinton,
    Sep 5, 1998, Dublin, Ireland

    Training improvisers for their roles on the world stage:

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