Chinese media “Military confrontation may happen soon between China and Japan”

Record China reported Japan and China may have a military confrontation soon over the disputed island, Senkaku / Diaoyu. Japanese and Chinese fighter aircrafts are highly likely to discharge a gun to cause a military confrontation.




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Les médias chinois : “Une confrontation militaire pourrait bientôt avoir lieu entre la Chine et le Japon”

Record China a rapporté que le Japon et la Chine pourraient s’engager dans une confrontation militaire très bientôt autour des îles revendiquées de Senkaku / Diaoyu. des avions chasseurs japonais et chinois risquent très fortement de faire feu et provoquer la confrontation militaire.

  1. I hope there are some adults here.

    Last thing anyone needs is a shooting war over rocks


    the chinese can outwait japan

    1. even if there is oil out there, the chinese can outwait japan.

      The Fukushima incident is going to bleed japan badly, between that and an aging population,
      a negative population growth rate and massive budget deficits, Japan is in no position to
      be starting conflicts.

      China can rattle sabers, avoid actual shooting and if they engage in manuevers that force Japan to increase
      military spending, they can watch Japan implode.

      if the chinese slash japanese imports, put pressure to raise japan’s import prices (Fuel, materials,,,)
      and watch japan increase military spending, Japan will be in a real bind.

      Right now the JG deficit is running 6-10% of GDP, if they can knock down GDP 1-2% by squeezing trade and
      divert budget from internal infrastructure and social spending into military spending, Japan will likely implode
      within a couple of years and not a shot fired.

      right now 55% of Japans GDP needs to be rolled over as new JGBs if china can move japanese interest rates 1% short term, they can create a japanese budget crisis.

  2. What if China simply fires some missiles at any of the 50+ nuclear power plants in Japan? Yeah, game over for Japan…nowhere to run. Idiot Japan.

  3. What if Japan fires missiles and hits and NPP in China?
    Unfortunately capitalist states use war to stimulate the economy when it is flagging – if you haven’t already, read Naomi Klein’s book Disaster Capitalism, its very well explained.
    Things were bad enough without customers starting to turn back shipments of Japanese products because of the radiation, Japan just did not need that and it could go on for years and years.
    Somebody needs to help Japan out here and oblige them in a stand off.

    I just hope they don’t accidentally hit any of the NPPs anywhere.

  4. At this time I would like to recall the math done last year about the number of workers Not-irradiated-over-Limit that will be available in the near future in Japan and hence Legal to attend the nuclear disaster .

    It is clear that Japan needs new workers for the reactor , and military draft is the easy solution , this point has already been made .

    There is a way to do this without damaging ( permanently ) the relations with China : Diplomatic Language .
    In a private meeting the Japanese represenative could very easy Signal that Japan has no serious military intentions and that all is a game , And China is invited to participate . The further benefit is that the two governments can re-open this issue for mutual benefit , again and again …
    This kind of mutual understanding will guarantee no casualties and no damage to property/ships/aiplanes/automobiles/trains . Let’s see …

    1. Here it is mentioned that the islands Soap Opera has been played before :

      ” … The maritime dispute , which has simmered off and on for years , intensified last year when the Japanese government nationalised islands in the small chain it did not already own, triggering angry responses in China … ” …

      Right , it was the Japanese gov After 3/11 that triggered this time the Soap Opera again …

      Did US get a ‘commission’ for its role ? Ya , the quizy Osprey sale to Japan …

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