Tepco can’t disclose the circuit diagram of the thermometer in reactor2 for saving “intellectual property of Toshiba”

In reactor2, two thermometers have been showing the significant increase of temperature.

Tepco defined they were “broken”, but the indicated temperatures are showing the relationship with the volume of coolant water.

(cf, Reactor2 temperature started decreasing since the volume of injection water was increased [URL])

In the press conference of 1/23/2013, journalist Oshidori inquired Tepco for the circuit diagram of the thermocouple of the indicator so we can look into if the thermometers are really disordered, what is the actual state etc.

However, the spokesman of Tepco declined to disclose the circuit diagram etc.

The reason was to protect the intellectual property of the designing company, Toshiba.


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Français :

Tepco ne peut pas publier le  schéma du circuit du thermomètre du réacteur 2 au prétexte de la “propriété intellectuelle de Toshiba”


Dans le réacteur 2, deux thermomètres ont présenté des augmentations de température importantes.
Tepco les avait labellisés “cassés” mais les températures indiquées montraient une relation avec les volumes d’eau de refroidissement. (cf. La température du réacteur 2 décroit depuis que le volume d’eau injecté y a été augmenté [Lien1])

Lors de la conférence de presse du 23 janvier 2013, le journaliste Oshidori a demandé à Tepco le schéma du circuit du thermocouple de l’indicateur pour pouvoir regarder à l’intérieur des thermomètres s’ils sont réellement déréglés, quel est leur état réel, etc.

Mais le porte-parole de Tepco a refusé de divulguer le schéma du circuit, etc.
La raison invoquée a été de protéger la propriété intellectuelle de la société conceptrice, Toshiba.

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  1. 1) such specialized circuits usually are Patented , so the journalist should ( and still can ) inquire about their Patent number which is a public domain . The Attitude of the TEPCO representative points that it is not the case .

    2) if the electronics are not patented Toshiba has the responsability to make a reassuring comment by at least sending a tech to verify . Unless this already has been done and the result was uncertain hence they are neutral in their comments . Or , worse , it can not be verifible .

    But one thing we do know : at 200 degrees Celsius as the thermometers indicated we should have seen a heck of a steam vapour coming out under Pressure . Oh , ya , did the Pressure went up in syinc with the thermometers ? Or pressure can no longer be measured reliably in the breached container ?

    But no vapour was seen … another mistery created by TEPCO …

    Same ‘scientists’ , different Political Party = no change ! QED .

    1. … and just to cover the ‘wisdom’ of scientists that placed nuclear reactors on the shores of lakes or oceans : have you heard of Tunguska , that happened not too long ago , in 1908 ?


      How remote is the chance of a thousand kilometers per hour car-size meteorite striking the lake or ocean a few kilometers away from the nuclear plant and creating a 10+ meter tsunami ? That was the base on which scientists approved the location . Never mind the local active fault lines and history of earthquakes …
      In other words , the Consequences were dimissed over Chance !!
      Ya , a true ‘scientist’ methode .

      Since the politicians keep changing but not the scientists is my main concern ( because in the first place I can not expect too much or a change from inepts/corrupted politicians but to keep promoting nuclear power ) …

  2. It would seemingly be a pitiful attempt at misdirection and deceit.
    For one to wonder if it is a 2, 3, or 4 wire thermocouple has what precisely to do with the proprietary circuit it is attached to, presumably made by Toshiba?
    Is it because they are not familiar with the schematic of a simple thermocouple, one could wonder? Or have they perfected the “1-wire” thermocouple? THAT would be proprietary. 🙂

  3. It could also be that they realized that whether they’re lying about the thermometers being faulty and or “they want to protect sales,profits & reputation of another piece of worthless garbage that they sell to other nuclear power facilities “knowingly” & without concern for any consequences that might occur elsewhere(probably has?)! The thing that stands out most is that THEY don’t trust a vital and extremely simple item that a division of GE made & displays yet another weak link in a fragile,failed NPP full of flaws everywhere one looks?!!

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