[Column] If I could publish eBook and start article sale

I have a lot tell.

Since I stayed in Europe last year, and went to North America, I have been having a lot of interviews.
Sometimes it was a citizen’s organization, sometimes it was a local radio station etc..
I did my best but they hardly published them.
Usually it takes 2 ~ 3 hours to record, and it takes 1 ~ 2 hours to prepare. I don’t know for how long they take to edit but almost none of them have been published.
Maybe it was because of my poor Engrish and the interviewer became less confident about the technical issues.
Now I got to focus more on blogging.

However, I’m also starting to feel like I’m packed in this small blog world.
I really want more channels.

90% blog, 7% facebook, 2% twitter, 1% google+, it’s not enough. I need more variety.

I also need more influence. I don’t say anything semi-important. I warn because I have the reason.
Even though I explain the radioactive contamination of Pacific ocean or fishery products, sometimes people get full of marine products.
Every time it happens, I bite my lips for my poor credibility.

Only because I have no background, I’m not credited, only because someone had a background, he/she’s credited even for the fatal lies.


As one of the ideas, I’m thinking of publishing an eBook. Now it’s getting easier and easier to publish something on kindle, ipad etc.. but I have no idea about how to do, nor what to write. There are too many things to write about but don’t know how to put them in order. However, if I manage to publish an eBook, that would help me not to have to worry about donation all the time.

Also, if I manage to sell article to media, that would be great. If I manage to make some contract to provide article / data, that would be another channel for me and Fukushima Diary.
I want to make it a growing industry to keep reporting and updating the Fukushima related news because it deserves.

I want to be the most annoying man for Tepco and the nuclear industry.




Français :

[Édito] et si je publiais un eBook et commençait à le vendre

J’ai beaucoup à dire.

Depuis que je suis resté en Europe l’an dernier et que je suis allé en Amérique du Nord, j’ai donné beaucoup d’interviews.
Parfois c’était à une organisation civile, parfois à une radio locale, etc.
J’ai fait de mon mieux mais ils les ont rarement publiés.
Habituellement, ça prend 2 à 3 heures pour l’enregistrer et 1 à 2 heures pour le préparer. Je ne sais pas combien de temps ils ont pris pour l’éditer mais pratiquement aucun d’entre eux n’a été publié.
Peut-être est-ce à cause de mon anglais trop pauvre et l’intervieweur en est devenu moins confiant sur les problèmes techniques.
Maintenant je me concentre plus sur le blog.

Toutefois, je commence aussi à me sentir emprisonné dans ce petit monde du blog.
Je voudrais vraiment plus de canaux.

90% blog, 7% facebook, 2% twitter, 1% google+, ce n’est pas assez. J’ai besoin de plus de diversité.

J’ai aussi besoin de plus d’influence. Je ne dis rien qui soit semi-important. J’avertis parce que j’ai la bonne raison.
Bien que j’explique la contamination radioactive de l’océan Pacifique ou des produits de la pêche, certains se gavent de produits de la mer.
Chaque fois que ça arrive, je me mords les lèvres de ma si pauvre crédibilité.

On ne me fait pas confiance uniquement parce que je n’ai pas le background, on fait confiance à quelqu’un uniquement parce qu’il a un background, même s’il dit des mensonges mortels.
Une idée parmi d’autres, je pense à publier un eBook. A présent il est de plus en plus facile de publier quelque pour kindle, ipad, etc.. mais je n’ai aucune idée sur comment faire, ni quoi écrire. Il y a trop de choses à écrire là-dessus mais je ne sais pas comment les ordonner. Ceci dit, si je m’organise pour publier un eBook, ça m’aiderait à ne plus avoir à être tout le temps préoccupé par les dons.

En outre, si je peux vendre la chose aux média, ça serait super. Si je peux arriver à faire quelques contrats pour fournir des articles / données, ce serait un autre canal pour m’aider et aider le Fukushima Diary.
Je veux que ce soit une industrie grossissante de rapporter et de mettre à jour les informations liées à Fukushima parce que ça le mérite.

Je veux être la bête noire de Tepco et de l’industrie nucléaire.


  1. Iory said : ” 90% blog, 7% facebook, 2% twitter, 1% google+, it’s not enough. I need more variety. ” .

    To take this further why not do what Max Kaiser does to finance : have your internet video Show weekly or daily if enough news .

    Or/and sell your ready-made segments to Rense , Alex Jones , Republic Radio or any other TV/Radio shows ?
    There , while you talk , at the bottom of the screen you may run your commercial adds … for radiation counters , organic foods , etc.

    So far I suggest to increase your Own DEEP analysis/connections of Every of the news/TEPCO-facts that you present .
    Oh , please try to present the videos such as to not need the Toxic Java Script on , thank you !

  2. Iori –

    Don’t count on being right, or being credentialed, to get you any more attention or respect. I understand that Arnie Gundersen addressed the US NRC a few days ago, only to have the chairman of the committee fall asleep. And Arnie has decades of exeprience and credentials – even a reactor operator’s license. They won’t listen to you becasue they don’t want to hear your message. It’s as simple as that.

    And the ebook would be OK. I’d buy one. But it probably won’t earn enough to keep you going. You will need to become a marketing force, and generate donations, to sustain a long fight.

    T-shirts might be an easy start. I can see your blog photo with a caption “I want to be the most annoying man for Tepco and the nuclear industry.” and the URL to fukushima-diary.

    Any proceeds from the T-shirts –> use them to buy subway card ads on the Tokyo metro – especially the trains that are used by Chiyoda bureaucrats and TEPCO employees. You want to annoy them, then annoy them. Do it publically, in their faces, with visual images, and short catchy quotations or sound bites – the size that the public can easily understand and digest.

    Suggest you use the Fukushima-diary audience for feedback before spending a lot of money on any one campaign.

    You might also solicit funding on one of those crowd-sourcing websites – you know, donate $50 and get a personally autographed t-shirt, donate $250 for a signed copy of a subway advertising card, donate $1,000 to have dinner with Iori in Paris (travel costs not included). You get the idea.

    Long term, I think you would be better off seeking to build the donation base. You have a great message that resonates with many many people. Keep up the good work on the blog, expand into marketing your message, and always, always keep pointing people to the places they can donate in order to support your efforts.

  3. Apple will never approve an ebook exposing Fukushima. Don’t waste your time in iBookstore. You will spend time creating it and then it will get rejected by Apple.

    1. Yes WakJob , let’s remember that the official media in ALL its forms including radio and public advertising obey the same master as the Japanese governmnet hence Iori’s disclosures will not be allowed .

      Iori has the upper hand over the official media because more people now understand the reality and the censorship in Japan .

      Another suggestion is to offer often a Situation Report for as many districts of Japan as possible which will built a regular pool of visitors . Extend the idea to the rest of the world so when visiting FD you can also have access to a Radiation Map in many parts of the world .

      In a nut shell : I visited the FD , I learned , I’m coming back .( veni , vidi , vici type ) . That means the news presented have to be Always very well digested , unexpected connections and well explained by Iori .

      For Iori to be quoted and gain notoriety he must show something new with stuning connections and analysis , that ‘simple’ . He already proved he’s capable .

      ‘Calling Radioactive Japan’ , a call-in internet radio .

  4. Your articles could be bought by Huffington Post, Slate, Wired, Russia Times, and many other well-to-do online magazines.

    Your book could have forwards from Arnie, Helen, and every other well-known anti-nuke person on Earth. I think the book could be a collection of posts from Fukushima Diary, leaning on the personal, narrative posts, and condensing the informational posts and graphics; plus some photos from your albums; and additional narrative about your travels and the world-wide anti-nuke movement.

    You could look to wealthy alternative energy moguls to back your book, I’m sure some of them are “into” publishing companies as well. Just a thought.

  5. Definitely more $ in a YouTube channel than books, articles, etc BUT it has to be very well done, HD, look great, and have great guests. Sort of like Alex Jones. Hard hitting and expose everything. You could be a YouTube sensation but you will need lights, HD cam, studio. It has to look pro. That’s the direction to go in. Oh, and a cute co-host wouldn’t hurt either.

  6. I like the t-shirt idea. When it comes to a book, what about “50 things everyone should know about Fukushima”, arranged in subject or date order. Then just copy some of your best writings, in part or full. If it doesn’t sell, it shouldn’t take that much time. This could be your test market and your way to learn how to self-publish. Also, you can self-publish on Amazon, for print on demand books (and ebooks, I think). If you choose keywords carefully, you might get people to find it. I think the description will be most important, especially saying you are a Japanese author. Put a nice cover and on the back, put a bio about you. Make sure these can be seen – on Amazon, you can use their feature that allows you to put images of the book, and also their “Look Inside” feature where you can place some excerpts.

    Have a friend or a willing poster who has been following your blog help you edit it and possibly format it. If I recall correctly, it’s totally free to self-publish on Amazon – you only pay a fee when your book sells. I think this means you can update it with a new edition at any time, without paying a fee.

  7. Also, go to Amazon. Type in “Fukushima”. Look at the first few books. One for sure looks self-published. Five of the first 8 that show up must be hot books because Amazon is giving a trade-in value for them (they only do this if they think they will sell).

    Another name for the book could be “Excerpts from Fukushima Diary: Personal insight into the first two years of the nuclear crisis as it happened”. Your writings are good and don’t change much about your style. It reads very real.

    And, at the back of the book, you could put your website so people can read more.

  8. Also (sorry, I keep thinking of things), read the reviews of the books already published. One said they wanted to know what happened, but the author spent many pages talking about plate tectonics. Complaints like that should be helpful to preparing the book.

  9. When you do a search for: self publishing on Amazon, go to the official Amazon instructions. It will tell you that CreateSpace does it for free.


    Good luck – your words need to get out there, more widespread. Like I said, I think you should keep the style the same, but correct spelling errors and SOME grammatical errors. Some gramatical errors are endearing and expected (makes it more real) from a non-native English speaker. This is my opinion, based on how it made me relate to you, believe you, and believe in you, on this blog.

  10. Like people say definitely try a YouTube channel, call it Fukushima-diary and the more you post, the higher the chance of advertising revenue (we’ll all hit it every day to get your views up!) I mean look at Gimmeabreakman/Gimmeaflakeman; he’s got ad power!! You should get some of that.

    Whatever you decide on, best of luck to you Iori.

  11. Actually Iori, I do video editing. I can team up with you to do a YouTube channel. Just email me in private at the address above and we can get started. Most people do not read any more video is a much more powerful medium. Create a TV-like YouTube sensation.

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