[Reactor4]Coolant system is provisionally back on to be fully recovered tomorrow

Following up this article..[Reactor4] Back-up coolant system failed. Backup power is lost. 47 hours left.

Tepco sent out emergency email to follow up.



[Email from Tepco] The bypass of UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) was rebuilt from 13:35 to 14:45 of 7/1/2012. At 15:07, they restarted the pump of coolant system for SFP4.





The water temperature was about 42.9℃ (indicated by the provisional thermometer.). UPS will be promptly replaced to be the new one during this week at the soonest.

Received at 15:47 7/1/2012.



Actual Fukushima worker Happy11311 tweeted like this below,,



Apparently they built the provisional bypass of the control signal system to restart to coolant system. It won’t be fully recovered until tomorrow.


  1. Such things as “if spent fuel pool 4 collapses, we will evacuate tokyo”, speaks about humanity, I’m afraid our brains are not as evolved or as perfect as we’d like to think, imperfect minds coupled with extremely dangerous technology with massive potential for collateral damage should something go wrong, eyes are still not open, that’s just the way it is, we are not far removed from the heinousness of our collective pasts, nuclear releases are excellent at limiting and dulling our collective mental abilities for a long duration “understatement”, profuse clarity and collective mental advancement/evolution of our species very well could stop and reverse, that is a great fear of mine, reversion. What fostered our evolution and nurtured us, we destroyed. The fallout is on humanities head, we did it and we have the most to lose as we are the most advanced species, meaning we are most at risk for copying errors and other damage to our genetic code during the all future formation of our species. Our species’ brains are the most developed/complicated organ on this entire planet, thereby it is at the greatest risk and will suffer the most. It is also what created nuclear in the first place, for our survival it is suggested these current generations existing with little to no brain damage act like it and develop solutions as my faith in future ones is diminishing in equal proportion to contamination rising. The clock is ticking on too many things in this world, it’s clear now would be a good time to stop making problems, nukes are one, and the most concentrated problem. Hey but we’re building them as we speak,,, It says something, some sort of hint.

  2. If the stuff wasn’t so dangerous for so long and didn’t do what it did and do what it can do and we could store it for a term worry free, it wouldn’t be so bad, but it is, it’s the worst period and that is final.

  3. There’s something wrong with us as we can’t heed apparent warnings/suffer the consequences, it is a pattern and it is true and proven. So #$%^’n dismiss it, and discount me too while you’re at it. Hurts my heart, but that has been a constant ache for some time. Nuclear will solve a problem that much is sure, and the problem it will solve is us, slowly but surely.

  4. FUKUSHIMA DIARY FR – [Réacteur 4] Le système de refroidissement provisoirement de retour pour être pleinement fonctionnel demain.
    Par Mochizuki, le 1er juillet 2012.

    Tepco a envoyé ces mails d’alerte urgente :
    おしどり♀マコリーヌ @makomelo
    2012 7月 1
    (Traduction) [Email de Tepco] Le shunt de l’UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply=Onduleur) a été reconstruit le 1er juillet entre 13:35 et 14:45. At15:07, ils ont redémarré la pompe du système de refroidissement de la SFP4 (piscine à combustibles usagés du 4).

    おしどり♀マコリーヌ @makomelo
    2012 7月 1
    (Traduction) La température de l’eau était d’environ 42,9℃ (selon le thermomètre provisoire). L’UPS sera rapidement remplaçé par une neuve au plus tôt cette semaine.
    Reçu le 1/7/2012 à 15:47.

    Le travailleur de Fukushima Happy11311 a tweeté :
    ハッピー @Happy11311
    2012 7月 1
    (Traduction) Apparemment, ils ont monté un shunt provisoire du système de contrôle d’alertes pour relancer le système de refroidissement . Ça ne sera pas complètement réparé avant demain.

  5. Group reinforced behavior makes any level of depravity acceptable, this is the true face of humanity, they are us and we are them, we are the same, understand that, every country/gov/corp/media of the world. Humanity is the sole owner of depravity. I see the depravity in japan govt & corps, I see it and it will become apparent. I wouldn’t click on this if I were you, it is just an example of above. www vidmax.com/video/63045/Mercenaries_in_Libya_are_Forced_to_Kiss_and_Eat_a_Dead_Dog/

  6. Our darkness can literally extinguish our flame and nuclear is a quite big part of that. Our species+weapons of mass destruction will end us period. Our species is too depraved to handle it. Our leaders are not above our species. I say see it and stop it. To continue this behavior will destroy our species, nation after nation after nation.

  7. Run from the truth, run from the cure, there’s something wrong with us as we can’t heed apparent warnings/suffer the consequences, there are lines that connect it all, those lines run right through just about everything. Fukushima has lines connected to this, some saw it, some made it apparent and tried to prevent it, so that they could pre-empt the consequenses. I was one of those, in 1998/99. The japanese civillian population are doing the right thing and I commend them, they are fighting a mighty beast with great presence and firm footing, it is not easy, but they are correct and righteous.

  8. Attention must be paid, science must be respected and deplorable actions/depravity must have negative consequenses, no consequenses = acceptance.

  9. This is how it happens
    www archive.greenpeace.org/nuclear/reactor/turkey/ecemis.html

  10. www thecrowhouse.com/Japanroulette.html many people with more weight thsn a nobody like me, did and do care.

  11. This is how you operate nuclear fleets. Quoted-“In some sense, the difference between Japan and other countries with weak nuclear regulatory might be luck”
    Here> www houseoffoust.com/Library/regulatory%20failures%20for%20nuclear%20safety%20the%20bad%20example%20of%20Japan.pdf

  12. good informational website here, it’ll answer question or gaps in knowledge and no it’s not pronuke, seems they’re smarter, quote “our folly to pursue the power of the atom continues. We are still embracing nuclear technology as a source of energy that inevitably promotes the proliferation of nuclear weapons throughout the world.”
    www atomdays.com/part6/adp6.0.html

  13. At least we can nutritionally protect ourselves and those around us: See fallout-protection.blogspot for proven nutriceutical radiation immunity. Especially if you reside in Japan or the Northeast Pacific!

  14. Everyone knows what nuclear could potentially cost a country and a select few have the power and are willing to accept that and then they turn the key and light it up. Anything’s justifiable when it comes to humanity, that’s what makes us so dangerous.

  15. Your leaders accepted that cost, they even justified the death of their nation, they lack understanding it seems, as it WOULD TAKE A GOD TO PAY THE PRICE OF A NUCLEAR DISASTER AND MAKE IT WHOLE AGAIN, SHOULDN’T A GOD AND ONLY A GOD BE WILLING TO ACCEPT SUCH A COST AND RESPOSIBILITY?
    They think they’re gods as they take the risks and responsibility that is solely in that realm. FATAL ERROR IN JUDGEMENT, DAMNING, WIDESPREAD, ETERNAL CONSEQUENSES.

  16. Would you/we let godzilla or another force go from town to town destroying everything and everyone? There in lies the answer.
    Nuclear isn’t for “us” Those smart enough to “know that” know that.
    I wish we weren’t who we are as a species. Creating suffering… Justifying it negates a solution.

  17. Mochizuki, I’m kinda sad that your blog has been taken over by this recent spammy rash of nonsensical comments. 🙁

    1. I too am very sad about this situation. I dread opening the comments to only be met with nonsense.

      I am not for censorship, but your site is beinng ruined by co-intel. Counter-measures are recommended.

      Arigato, Iori-san.

  18. Want to see how the hubris of the experienced and very knowledgable vs the confident yet ignorant amounts to in a word garbage? read the comments, just to see it in action.
    www pjmedia.com/blog/fear-the-media-meltdown-not-the-nuclear-one/

  19. I posted this when it happened, but you have to see it, it makes me lol.
    www youtube.com/watch?v=6zDFlI0GzQQ after 1.40 in.
    Ok tepco, coolant system is installed and working 100% So no need to worry.

    1. That is spent “melted” fuel pool 4, the globe on the right is the singular fresh core that has it’s own little pool and is segregated from the big blob on the left, where all the spent fuel is. What you are seeing is an open air fission reaction taking place sans reactor, that right there and that by itself was worse than chernobyl. shhh let’s keep this our little secret shall we. Neutron communication/fission>supercriticality burst et voila.

      1. This is really big, it’s that ele everyone was talking about, anyone more apt than me care to look over wind direcions following that “event”?/share their findings?

  20. The list of riddiculing anyone that tok a stand against this insane way of boiling water, is a mile long, but, we where right all the way, from day one.

    The damages from Fukushima is mindboggeling, and to downplay this event is to blow your own brain out, the sorry part, it affects us all. And reasently there must have been som major event regarding fallout, because even in Scandinavia its someting in the Air, and I feel it in my body, specaly moth/charfings, that alone is caused by Frying cells inside the lungs, any druling itiot that clames that this is a Minor problem is flattout lying.
    Anything drawn down into the Lungs Stayes there, it goes nowhere.

    We where riddicouled by the fact as pointed out very early, to keep an eye on your imidiate surounding for sign, and this thiny creatures wil be hitt first, acordingly to damages done to cellstructures, in plant an insects.
    And it is by now, aparent that the Birds and Fishes(innland) is dying, right infront of our eyes, and stil there are some fu… proffesores, serving drivell about, low radiation damages.
    There never was anything called Low dose, thats the lie.
    Homeosis, is the key word for the dilution about Low rad, and the ultimate lie about, low grade of poisoning, chemicaly or by rad. is some weird way, good for our human bodys.
    And what we are whitnesing is a continuation of that Lie.

    Japan must wake up, and dont trust the goverment, they and TEPCO have been lying all the way, about everything, and stil we are feed lies, a never ending river of bullshitt, and even “sicentific” drivel, served by people with no credibility left, what so ever.

    The Nuk ind. needs you, we dont need them, thats something They know and thats the real issue in this fight, and behold how “democratic” Japan have becomed, a corrupt and criminal controlled gangsters paradise.
    They have ruined your contry, its not the Japanes people that has wased its face, its the ruling pack of criminal.

    In the end, its about children, and what we leave behind as our legacy, deth and destruction, what a glorious race we have becomed. Japan is the final batlefeild for us, as a speacy, and we are not even alone in this planet, but we are all in it together.


  21. Congratulations to the radioactive workers at Fukushima !
    They saved us.

    For how long ?

    P.S. : Iori, for a few days the character encoding of your site has changed, or the font has changed, and it does not look nice. The letters are too thin, they really look bad, like when someone from Europe goes on a Japanese site. Could you please reverse it back to the previous style ? Thank you !

  22. please leave japan now, you don’t want to wait for them to evacuate the 40 some odd million in tokyo. please, for me.

  23. Japan has some of the most brilliant tallented people of the world ready to solve this crisis their government has earned a shamefull place in hells fire it has no honor i am dissapointed in their poor planning ,greed and overall disregaurd for life, there are enough weapons of destruction and they have let one go off on their own people and the world, knowing full well of the possibilities I hang my head in shame for them it is time for them to step down …
    a new emperor is here to protect the people of japan a writer a seeker of truth and knowlege a compasionate and brilliant man ,a care taker of the japanese people i set him before you now, wake up and look he is your savior

  24. Absolutely incredible radioactive contamination numbers on the fish,
    www translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?langpair=auto%7Cen&rurl=translate.google.com&u=http://real-seo.net/radiation/2012/04/post-2.html&usg=ALkJrhjlZHqUNvLsbew5g-KA5Iuuxh16oA

  25. I appreciate all the comments here and on facebook, but couldn’t you put all your ideas into one post Intel Agent? You are making a mockery of the hard work that goes into this site by spamming the comment section continuously. I don’t have anything against what you are saying, but please express yourself in a way that doesn’t take over the site! By blabbering so much you don’t add anything to your credibility, quite the opposite.
    Stay safe everyone.

    1. I agree with you, it is too hard to follow and it seems like Intel is mocking the site.I hope that is not the intention.

      1. It is not. It is solely a maddeningly vain attempt to stop the madness and stop the fission and the death of a nation. Innocents do not deserve to die period.

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