M5.4 Tokyo Bay

M5.4 hit Tokyo area at 11:31 7/3/2012.

Epicenter was Tokyo Bay.



M5.4 Tokyo Bay 1


M5.4 Tokyo Bay 2






  1. I cant believe your using the disaster in Fukushima to take donations, your a vile little human, and if I ever see you around Fukushima, heaven help you.

    1. Shame upon you sir, Iori is providing an up to date truthful informational service and forum that is rarer than most anything in the world right now, Iori has had a hand in helping and saving many, many lives and it is all thanx to Iori and his wonderful jounalistic abilities and his website.
      You have every right to not visit this websit. Know that any anger or threats directed at Iori should be 1st directed at me, as I will stand in front of him in homage to his righteousness period.

    2. Wow…really, goerge?! I left Japan in June 2011, and unfortunately, the mainstream media seems to have “gotten over” Fukushima. I read Mr. Mochizuki’s blog everyday; he has the courage to tell the truth when others won’t. As this tragedy continues in Japan, you sit there and threaten this man? What good does that do? At least he’s doing something, which is more than I can say about you. You are the “vile little human.” Pathetic.

    3. Greetings goerge, I believe that you are mistaken as to intention here…I myself have very little but donated to this site and this spiritual warrior just yesterday what little I could to help him educate and enlightenn us all as much as possible…you would be wise to carefully consider your comments and will have to go through “Intel agent” and myself and many others who 100% support his efforts before you would ever get to him…bless fukshima diary and all lof japan, the earth and the universe…mitakuye oyasin…prayers and blessings for all sentient beings…Dave Stout, Asheville, NC USA

  2. Goerge it is you that is a vile human being. Thank God for this website and all his hard work to get the truth out. It is one of the very few places to find out about the devastation that continues to happen at Fukushima. this website deserves every donation it gets and I wish more people would give! Your anger Goerge should be directed at Tepco and every government in the world for continueing to allow humanity to be posioned. I feel very sorry for you. ignorance truely is bliss.

    1. This guy had to literally fight radiation zombies in japan. Kudos to him.
      www youtube.com/watch?v=SyReDK3P1ak

  3. Thanks for your blog. There are thousands out there that keep track of the latest on your site. btw, I understand that you would post the earthquake on Tokyo Bay. But did you know that for weeks and months there have been quakes in the fours, fives and even sixes off of Honshu Japan, where the nine was on March eleventh, 2011? That is where I am watching, it is rumbling almost daily.

    1. There have always been and always will be earthquakes in that area, as well as the rest of Japan. It’s extremely active seismically. There was only ONE foreshock for 311, which was on the 9th of March and was a Class 7 magnitude earthquake which most East Japan felt. All of the earthquakes that happen since then are most likely aftershocks from 311 and some of them can be big but should be decreasing in size and frequency over time.

      This particular earthquake is troublesome because scientists believe that the Great Kanto earthquake will happen sooner than previously thought, most likely caused by stress from the Great East Japan earthquake. The expected earthquake is said to take place in Tokyo Bay. Some believe that this particular earthquake may be a foreshock. There was no immediate aftershock associated with this earthquake.

      http://www.zakzak.co.jp/society/domestic/news/20120704/dms1207041138008-n1.htm Here is an interesting read. If you cannot read Japanese, please use google.translate.com.

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