Black-ish fog covered Fukushima plant

From 17:00 to 18:00 of 7/2/2012, black-ish fog / steam / smoke / gas / … covered reactor 1 ~4.

Black-ish fog covered Fukushima plant


Black-ish fog covered Fukushima plant 2


Black-ish fog covered Fukushima plant 3


Black-ish fog covered Fukushima plant 4



  1. Hi everyone,
    That video makes it look as if building #5 and 6 are boiling/burning up as well. I feel so cheated with the limited angle of perspective on the camera’s available. I remember seeing a tepco Diachi power plant tour that showed dozens of cameras at the fukushima site. I sure wish we could view the ones that might still work…..If we could just SEE the source of those dark clouds, and then the TOTAL smoke-out(!!)……I fear we would see the #5 or 6 reactor belching out more toxic fumes than a chain smoker on poker night.
    Scary stuff………

    Thankyou, IORI MOCHIZUKI, you are an inspiration to many, many people in the world!

  2. Mochi- I am so proud of you to keep all of us that are so concerned about Japan informed. What the hell has to happen before MSM catches on and does their job? I am so ashamed to be an American!

  3. Seems like something is burning. It is difficult to tell, however the conditions are cloudy and usually coastal fog is more prominent.

  4. Sea fog usually happens in late Autumn Winter early Spring. Not Mid Summer when the Ocean Temperature is at its warmest

  5. this looks like nothing but coastal fog.
    i dont see how this is scary or news worthy.

  6. It’s fog guys, you’re all just a bunch of fear mongers, it’s in cold shutdown, don’t you read the news? Everything is being cooled and is safe. Tepco would put out a media release if it wasn’t, and to the king fear monger intel agent, don’t you EVER post again or I will trace your I.P and alert the authorities.

  7. This is a better view of the fog, maybe it will make it clear.

  8. cant be seafog the sea temperature and air temperature are the same and humidity is under 90%

  9. On the time lapse video, at the end the smoke/mist/cloud whatever it is, seems to be coming from a source higher than the plant. It flows downwards from left to right. Surely sea fog would move upwards.

    Thanks for your good work Iori. I’ve especially appreciated the personal stories and on the spot information from Fukushima. You have kept so many of us who seek the truth, informed and in touch from the early days when no one knew what was actually happening on the ground.

    1. The site has become prohibitively radiologically hot, I have seen active fission events at four, the whole site is melting town, something like this after a certain point pretty much becomes unstoppable, because we as humans have no chance of any activities because we will die almost immediately in proximity to extremely high radiation, and we do not have radiation resistant autonomous extentions of ourselves yet, the closest thing was “big red” in the sixties used to modulate and control nuclear rocket testing where open air fission was the propulsion mechanism. Take a chart, draw a diaganol “spelling?” line going down, at the end of that line is the end, that is where we are going, you’ll note, we are not progressing or making headway in this situation whatsoever, it is deteriorating, in that I have confidence, again, lead mixed with boron is the answer, that will stop live fission, fission is happening, it is what nuclear fuel is supposed to do.

  10. Btw.fuku1live it’s feeds shows “only” plant 2 and 1 right? or do i have it wrong?

    1. It shows reactors 1234, 1&2 you can see quite well except you cant because of the structures, 3 has dissapeared into a mass of twisted blackened metal, and four is hard to see because of it’s destruction, weather, camera/cooling tower placement and a crappy camera.

  11. With porn i like real time live angles!!!but in this case….the whole fucking shit,may put their dick in those cripled vids!

  12. It looks as though the smoke is coming from the left of screen coming across. I live inland to the coast and I have observed peasoup like fog of late and it just happens to be worse when there is a high concentration of Radon.

    I live in an area of high radiation (Aberdeen is my local city) and I am just wondering what the geological composition of the ground around Fukushima? what sort of ground is it on? No granite etc with the volcanos around Japan?

  13. Good Morning I write from the Castilla-La Mancha, belonging to Spain in our region want to install a temporary storage of radioactive waste, the president of our community that favors the construction of this warehouse has told the media today than in the store Fukushima “nothing happened”. Could you give me specifics of what has happened so far in Fukushima.

    Thank you very much

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