Don’t touch moss in Hachioji Tokyo (4,370 Bq/Kg)

Citizen’s radiation monitoring group [Link] in Hachioji measured high level of cesium from moss.

The sample was taken in Tatemachi Hachioji city Tokyo (May 2012). It was 154g of moss in a garden.

It’s 253 km from Fukushima plant.

Don't touch moss in Hachioji Tokyo (4,370 Bq/Kg)

Cs-134 : 1930 Bq/Kg

Cs-137 : 2440 Bq/Kg

Total : 4370 Bq/Kg

Don't touch moss in Hachioji Saitama (4,370 Bq/Kg) 2



They measured 9,110 Bq/Kg from the soil on street gutter in Kitanodai Hachioji city Tokyo as well. Hachioji is seriously contaminated. The sample was taken on 7/12/2012.

Cs-134 : 3850 Bq/Kg

Cs-137 : 5260 Bq/kg

Total : 9110 Bq/Kg

Don't touch moss in Hachioji Tokyo (4,370 Bq/Kg) 5





  1. “But Japan is safe. Anyone who says otherwise is a fear-mongering monster. I say this because I blindly love Japan and cannot separate that from the fact that there is contamination in many places and it is spreading. So I will just hate and rage at anyone who tries to shatter my false reality.”

    1. The only problem is that if you don’t live in Japan, it doesn’t directly affect you, so its easy to forget it. Japan is not fine. Only through admitting that can we move forward and make it better. Such a tragedy… If someone doesn’t get fired or sent to jail I will be in disbelief, oddly though it seems to be going that way.

      1. um…it DOES affect the world at large. I myself unexpectedly vomitted for 10 hours after a flight over the U.S. shortly after one of the explosions at Fukushima-Daiichi when Japan (and the U.S.!) was still lying to us that it was just a harmless little hydrogen explosion. Now scientists admit there was a big bundle of fallout at that time that included Plutonium!!! I had not been that sick in about 15 years. I don’t normally throw up–tough stomach, but that’s a classic symptom of radiation overdose…

        Who knows how it will affect me long-term, but it definitely knocked me out and grievously screwed up my life for a week after I was in the stratosphere with that fallout!!! I just threw out all my clothes and blankets from that day. Thanks for the memories!@!! 🙁

        1. By the way, I’ve never been to Japan in my life, but my life could be shorter thanks to this infernal crap!!!! 🙁

  2. FUKUSHIMA DIARY FR – Ne touchez pas la mousse à Hachioji dans Tokyo (4 370 Bq/Kg)
    Par Mochizuki, le 24 juillet 2012 · 2 Commentaires.

    Le groupe citoyen de surveillance radioactive [] de Hachioji a mesuré de hauts niveaux de césium dans de la mousse.

    L’échantillon a été pris dans la banlieue de Tatemachi Hachioji à Tokyo (en mai 2012). Il s’agissait de 154g de mousse dans un jardin.

    C’est à 253 km de l’usine de Fukushima.


    Cs-134 : 1930 Bq/Kg
    Cs-137 : 2440 Bq/Kg
    Total : 4370 Bq/Kg

    (Graphique gamma sur 154g)

    Ils ont aussi relevé 9 110 Bq/Kg dans le sol d’un caniveau du quartier Kitanodai Hachioji de Tokyo. Hachioji est sérieusement contaminé. L’échantillon a été pris le 12 juillet 2012.

    Cs-134 : 3850 Bq/Kg
    Cs-137 : 5260 Bq/kg
    Total : 9110 Bq/Kg

    (graphique gamma)

    Source :

  3. Those of us who have not forgotten about Fukushima and the danger that it poses for the Japanese are aware that the threat is real for the Northern Hemisphere and eventually the world. We have knowledge from contact with sites like Fukushima-Diary and are attempting to get the information to a public that does not want to be awakened from their fantasy that nothing will affect them. Japan is a distance from the US, and without the mass media covering the constant poisoning of our air, soil, and water; people are being kept in ignorance. Even when it was reported that the tuna caught off the West Coast was contaminated, the majority, through their own lack of responsibility, continue to be unaware. They know more about the Holmes-Cruise divorce and Scientology.

    However, we are very aware of the nuclear danger posed by Iran and the build up for a preemptive strike on that nation despite reasonable reports that even if Iran had a nuclear weapon (which it does not) that it does not have the ability to deploy such a weapon. On one side is the reality of nuclear catastrophe which is ignored, and on the other the possibility of nuclear weapons that supposedly require a military confrontation and the beginnings of WWIII.

    So, even though I live thousands of miles from Japan, I know that the dairy products, meats, fruits and vegetables are already contaminated. For myself, I am aware that the nuclear industry in my nation is just as criminal in manipulating the public; and that my own government is culpable in keeping its citizens in the dark.

    1. Michele, you’re so right. This is the most critical ongoing industrial and human crisis. Mankind’s survival is at stake and all the corrupted bodies, IAEA,NRC,AREVA etc. ARE responsible for that dire situation and they will never pay for it. Mankind will survive if we can all learn a huge lesson: Transparency and accountability are key to science, research and industry. A long vital way to go.

    2. Michele, you have hit the nail on the head, word for word, perfect!! Thank you and all the others who continually post things to keep those of us paying attention informed. I hope you don’t mind, but I truly would like to use your comment on Facebook, quoted directly, and will give your name, well, your first name! Thank you,

    3. Michele I’ve been an anti-nuclear activist for around 40 years. You have spoken a truth of the greatest importance and said it well. Without my computer and the internet I’d never know about the Fukushima disaster but thanks to the Main Stream Media I’d know what color underwear the Kardashians are wearing today. I really don’t care about the Kardashians underwear.

  4. Just try to live your life and be happy. These mentally ill geniuses have it all in the bag I’m afraid to say.

  5. One thing I have done in response to this Fukushima situation is to stop eating fish from the west coast of the U.S. I know that the east coast of the U.S. probably has some contamination, but there is more land in between it and Japan than between Japan and the west U.S. coast. It makes me upset to see how the Japanese are blindly rushing to restart their nuclear reactors while they still have not resolved the problems resulting from the meltdowns of the reactors at Fukushima Daiichi. Have they paid a big fat settlement to everyone who has been made to leave their homes by the radiation? Please tell me about it if they all have a settlement. And yet, TEPCO has the NERVE to increase the utility rates! I can’t believe how bad the situation there is! And our response here in the U.S. was to publicly (with much fanfare) start another reactor here. Good grief!
    The only hope we have anywhere is to trust in the Lord Jesus Christ for our salvation. He alone is our refuge from sin and all its results. And He alone is the only One who ever showed His power over the wind, waves and sea. And He has the ultimate key to eternal life. He is the only One who lived a sinless life and offered His death and resurrection for our salvation. I hope that many people who realize the seriousness of all that is happening come to Him in faith.

  6. By the way, I think one of the most disgusting things they did in Japan was to write a children’s book explaining that the reactors just gave off a little ‘fart’ that wasn’t anything to worry about. HUH! All that at a time when they could have served those children better by helping them evacuate better (or further). OH YEAH! I’m sure it was just a little ‘fart’ that blew the walls or roofs off the reactors. Thank you for letting me ‘vent’a little (pun intended). My heart is definitely with those who have and are still undergoing this hardship.

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