[Bookoff] Areva’s decontamination facilities were secondhand

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It might have been better to buy one on eBay.

Areva, the world leading nuclear power industry conglomerate from France sold the secondhand decontamination facility to Japanese government and Tepco. The winning price is not disclosed.

It is well known that the facility has not worked properly. (cf. Fukushima worker “Soon nobody can get close to Areva’s facility”)

In the hearing of Private accident investigation commission from rebuild Japan initiative foundation, Kaieda, the former  Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry stated “(I remember) it was probably secondhand.” twice.


Areva's decontamination facility was secondhand


Areva sent their female CEO to Japan soon after 311 and she offered any kinds of help for Fukushima. In this context, we asked them for the decontamination facilities though they planned to ship them somewhere else. Probably the facilities were secondhand.

Areva reacted promptly and they were skilled in sales. The final decision of purchase was done by Tepco, the government didn’t reject it. However, they had a lot of problems to operate Areva’s facilities. It’s partially because of the lack of trial operation. Probably the facilities were secondhand. We thus got to the conclusion that we have to have multiple facilities except for Areva, and bought “Sarry” from Kurion.



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  1. FUKUSHIMA DIARY FR – [Bookoff] les outils de décontamination d’Areva étaient d’occasion.
    Par Mochizuki, le 24 juillet 2012.

    (*Bookoff = chaîne de magasin japonaise d’objet d’occasion, façon chiffonniers d’Emmaüs.)

    Il aurait mieux valu acheter sur eBay.

    Le système de décontamination vendu au gouvernement japonais et Tepco par Areva, le conglomérat mondial du nucléaire industriel basé en France, était d’occasion. Ils n’ont pas dit avec quelle décote…

    Il est bien connu que l’appareillage n’a pas fonctionné correctement. (cf. Fukushima worker “Soon nobody can get close to Areva’s facility” : http://fukushima-diary.com/2012/06/fukushima-worker-soon-nobody-can-get-close-to-arevas-facility/)

    Les auditions de la commission d’enquête privée sur l’accident de la “Rebuild Japan Initiative Foundation”, M. Kaieda, le précédent ministre de l’Économie, du commerce et de l’Industrie, dit deux fois “(je me souviens, c’était sans doute du matiériel d’occasion”.

    (copie d’écran sur le texte en japonais)

    Areva a envoyé sa directrice au Japon peu après le 11-3 et elle a proposé plusieurs sortes d’aides pour Fukushima. Dans ce contexte, nous lui avons demandé pour l’outil de décontamination bien qu’ils avaient prévu de l’envoyer ailleurs. Les outils étaient sans doute d’occasion.

    Areva a réagit promptement et ils étaient habiles pour vendre. La décision finale d’achat a été prise par Tepco, le gouvernement ne l’a pas rejetée. Toutefois, il y a eu un paquet de problèmes pour arriver à faire fonctionner les équipements d’Areva. C’est du en partie à cause du manque d’opérations d’essayage. L’appareillage était sans doute d’occasion. Nous en sommes donc arrivés à la conclusion que nous devons avoir plusieurs équipements sauf d’Areva, et acheter le “Sarry” de Kurion.

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  2. Just what everyone needs a “firesale” piece of broken equipment –was there a warrenty? If so, have the vendor come and pick up their item. Sure hope it was donated -FREE. Did the country contributing the machine get reembursed with yen? Just asking..

  3. This is what happens when people worship money. Those who are addicited do not care about anything except for the object of their addiction. Nothing else has any meaning. The well being of future generations, the well being of the people of the present, the safety of the planet we all live on, the lives of anyone anywhere are just ignored. People like this often attend religious services regularly then brag about their religon while ignoring everything taught about compassion. Their actions must be shown to the entire world. It is the beginning of our self-defense.

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