[Ajisai Revolution] Footage of protest 7/13/2012

The footage of the protest held on 7/13/2012 taken by one of the protestors. You see the police blockading the streets excessively with half smile.

It starts from when you get off the subway.



Video streaming by Ustream

  1. With the lines looks alot like going to disneyland, only with alot more police. Unlike overhere, no pepper spay, no sound cannons, no beating silly of protesters. Noticed a few of the poilice were smiling, could see their faces, and none were dressed in military style uniforms complete with helmets and the dark shades

    Sad part is when I mention this type stuff going on in Japan to people
    they look at me like they havent got a clue.
    They heard the quake and the waves was a bad thing and caused some damage to a nuke power station, but thats over and the plant is shutdown.

    I live on the gulf coast of Fl. same thing, eat the fish, no problem they say
    May the Lord help us.

    1. Hi terry,

      I am in Michigan and took friends to a restaurant called Pearls, which serves food with a Southern/Cajun flavor and is decorated to look like New Orleans. They were serving crayfish dishes as the specialities and I asked where the product was from. Louisiana’s Gulf coast was the response without any concern for the continuing damage and toxicity. I suggested the chicken or catfish dishes, hopefully farm raised.

      The lack of knowledge about Fuku does not appear to worry the people here, even after sharing info with them; they simply do not want to know. I have a handful of people who are receptive. There is an article about a new lawsuit filed for 90 people in Pennsylvania who have or have died from cancer caused by the venting from a local nuke plant. The article can be found at (nuclear-news.net). My new approach is to pass this information on and ask that my contacts email it to others.

  2. FUKUSHIMA DIARY FR – [Ajisai Revolution] Séquences de la manif du 13 juillet 2012.
    Par Mochizuki, le 14 juillet 2012 · 2 Commentaires.

    Une séquence vidéo de la manifestation du 13 juillet, telle que prise par l’un des manifestants. On y voit la police bloquer les rues avec des demi-sourires excessifs.

    Ça commence à la sortie du métro.

    (Video / Ustream)

  3. There is no doubt in my mind that the tactics being used by the managers of Capital is to eventually wear the
    movement down, people will get tired of going nowhere but herded to where the police wants them to go, the impact of large gatherings will be waterdown and the mad managers will proceed with their mad nuclear policies and the energy of the protests dissipate and the people will go home… The tactics of those organizing the protests has to change or else. Its necessary for the movement to become decentralized and adopt peaceful guerilla tactics.
    As the experiences of the uprisings in Egypt, the OWS in the US has shown the use of the technologies which infrom the so called “social networks” can be applied to both inform and organize and to disinform the apparatus of opression. One hundred smaller demostrations thoughout Tokio for example can cause more headaches for the managers of death, than the dismal scenes of the demostration video.
    However what I have written is in no way directives to anyone, because is my belief that people have to reach their own conclusions on their own, in other words think for themselves and act accordingly!!!

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