JNN live camera caught yellow flash on 7/9/2012

JNN Fukushima live camera caught yellow flash on 7/9/2011. It was sunny in Fukushima.

The video looks very smoggy.  Tepco live camera doesn’t show anything on the same time.


 ↓ 1:43

↓ Tepco’s live camera. It didn’t record anything

  1. Wow, that is crazy!!!!!

    Is that Reactor 4 in the picture? It looks like Reactor 3 is slightly to the left of it, as its a full size building.

  2. The flash is the normal day to night transition of the camera’s filters.

    The ongoing glows – two of them appear to be coming from the #4 reactor building. The smaller one on the right from the SFP and the larger one on the left from the machinery pool is what I believe remains of the MOX they were about to load into the core.

    The glow is open uncontrolled nuclear criticality. Something that had been recorded only 9 times prior to March 2011, but has been a common occurence in the wreckage of Fukushima Daichi

  3. Yes, refocusing and light, possibly even sunlight on the side of buildings. Definitely not a flash of light.

  4. No, not sunlight, both cameras did catch the event, it’s just the usual light reflecting off the side of the building.

  5. Camera effect due to iris / low light compensation shift. At least THIS time it WAS nothing.

    1. Hi FC,

      I went to the video you suggested and that is “Not Normal”. It was explosive and no wonder the radiation spiked!!! Not to mention moving the toxic stuff all over Japan to equalize the misery.

  6. SERIES of explosions shown! Just tilt screen and look UP at the video..continous explosions. July 9th..and now radation shows spikes..no wonder. Is this the TEST for the fuel bundles. IF SO..it did not work!

  7. at the same time as the flash (which does not appear on tepco camera) there is a new burning light at lower right. what is that?

  8. My thought- the appearance or disappearance of something from one video which does not appear or disappear in another video does not, in and of itself, negate the appearance or disappearance of the something.

    I believe the Tepco video feed has been looped at times. It does not always show the blurred line through the middle as the company themselves said would occur, this leads me to disbelieve anything I see that does not show the blurred line and conclude the feed is looped.

  9. Hi,
    If I can be an optimist for a moment, the tepco vid was presented in fast forward around sunset. There is a powerful spotlight on the hill to the right of the buildings. You can see the shrubs moving about in the wind, occasionally coming between the cam and the light, causing a flicker. As the sunlight decreases, the glow on the buildings increases. As there are clouds scudding overhead, the glow on the buildings appear to flash on the other camera as the auto light filter is seen to vacillate in the changing light levels. Or let’s hope that is what happened anyway.

    Let’s all take a deep breath of fresh air and enjoy it….before the damn stuff glows.

  10. We need input from a person expert in camera optics.

    I know a ‘live cam’ is not the highest quality in photography. Is some of the phenomena we see a screen-filling ‘flash’ just a camera adjusting for white balance as the sun rises/sets?

    For instance – look at the sky color change at 1:42 part of this short vid –


  11. Around that whole fukushima and the safety zone,trenches full with shit and anearobic digestion enzymes,since it’s scientific prooven that methane gas,neutralize cq break down radioactive particles(ions)………

    1. easy to do,redirect the sewersystem from big citys to that place,ventiles on the 20 meters in an pipeline around it,and an controlled new energy sourge incl. radiation neutralizer ,in an closed system…….

      1. And as last as a bonus,the filtered wastewater from the sewer for the fuelrods….

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