Settlement report 4/14~4/16/2012

Donation : 33.00 USD

Expense : Grocery 25.00 USD

Left in hat : 8.00 USD


Recently I got back the habit to devote myself into work as I’m listening to the music. Wake up, research, chase news, and make articles, and go to bed. I’m in a city of central Europe but I didn’t come here for sightseeing.

I think I won’t have such a chance to be able to commit into this job without worrying about apartment rent of regular job for the rest of my life, and I can even help people.

Usually I spend 90% of time on research and 10% on writing. Because I’m on the other side of Japan, things go on while I’m sleeping. so catching up with news is a little hard.

I’ve been having the problem of streaming on my computer. Today the browser finally crashed and it took me 2 hours to fix, it was such a waste but now I can stream ustream with no problem.

made stew for dinner. Recently I make stew all the Beef was only 3.40 Euro for 1 kg, it’s extremely cheap compared to Japan. and now it’s really difficult to get un-becquereled food in Japan.

Here it’s been very cold, and cloudy. It was rainy today. was such a good day to read a book being away from work. but I’m hesitating to buy a book from Japan because they are contaminated too. Reading a book in protective clothing is not very confortable.

I used to buy a book weekly, about economics, psychology, philosophy, biology and mathematics etc.. I miss those book shops.


Settlement report 4/14~4/16/2012


Though I didn’t have socks, I had a lot of books but had to throw them away. I took some in my suits case but they required me to throw them away at Narita airport. and it was the mistake of the airline staff but my books were already in the bin…lol

I think those books of my taste will be slow to be on kindle too.



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