Settlement report 4/10/2012

Donation : 63.00USD

Expense : Groceries 16.00 USD  Blanket 10.00 USD  Lunch (I missed Asian food but that was yuck.) 8.50 USD

Left in Hat : 28.50 USD


Thank you for your support as always. Maybe because I asked for recurring donation, I received more donation than usual. However, there was no subscription of  recurring donation itself. (´・ω・`)

Nitrogen injection stopped 3 times since 3/12. What’s strange is the temperature of reactors (especially reactor 1) go up while it’s stopped, but there has never been an explanation about that. [Link]

Nitrogen injection is supposed to keep hydrogen rate low so they can avoid hydrogen explosion. It has nothing to do with the temperature.

I suspect it is not just nitrogen, it’s liquid nitrogen. They try to make it look like it’s under 100℃ only with water, but they may be using liquid nitrogen. If so, the reactor is still extremely heated. In Chernobyl, liquid nitrogen was used for coolant material.



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