Robot destroyed within 2 hours in reactor 2


Following up this article..73Sv/h in container vessel

In this level of radiation, even a disaster dealing robot is collapsed within less than 2 hours.
In Fukushima plants, robot called Quince is used, which is developed by Chiba institute of technology and Tohoku university. Assistant professor Mizutani from Tohoku university states,
“The bottle neck to develop a robot for radioactive circumstances is the semiconductor. Semiconductor is extremely sensitive for radiation. Semiconductor parts of robot used in space are shielded by lead, which is against gamma ray, but lead can’t be used for Quince because it kills cavalry.Technical specification requires Quince to stand only over 3Sv/h. In total, it’s just over 100Sv.

With this level of the specification, Quince can’t last longer than 2 hours in reactor2. If it’s 3Sv/h to stand, Quince can’t last longer than 1 hour and 20 minutes.






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