Survey robot died in reactor3

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Survey runner robot stopped on the radiation measurement of torus room in reactor3.

From 11:00 to 15:00 of 7/11/2012, Tepco was taking radiation, visual and “sound” data in torus room of reactor3 by using a robot. The atmospheric dose was 360 mSv/h.

Human worker opened the door of the torus room to let the robot enter, it went around clockwise, but the communication was interrupted at the manhole located at the South-East of torus room.

The robot is cabled, Tepco hasn’t verify the cause yet. They only assume the cable might have been damaged on the way. Tepco can’t take the robot back either because the radiation level is too high.
The robot sent radiation and visual data until it stopped but because the sound data is recorded in it, it can’t be obtained until they get the robot back. They were planning to detect the water leaking point by recording the sound data.
They recorded the sound data when they conducted robot survey in torus room of reactor2 as well, but because the alarm of survey meter was too noisy, they couldn’t hear the sound of water flow.

Obtained data will be published tomorrow.




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Survey robot died in reactor3


Survey robot died in reactor3 2


Survey robot died in reactor3 3


Survey robot died in reactor3 4




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6 Responses to “Survey robot died in reactor3”

  1. jec says:

    Any word on the health of the workers in this botched up mission?

    Quince the ‘cousin’ of this robot, “died” in a similar situation. Kind of a steep learning curve..right? Next time..have a robot that can withstand 1000 mSv a there such a beastie?

  2. Mimi Mato says:

    FUKUSHIMA DIARY FR – Le robot d’exploration est mort dans le réacteur 3.
    Par Mochizuki, le 11 juillet 2012.

    Le robot d’exploration a arrêté ses mesures de radioactivité de la salle du tore du réacteur 3.

    De 11:00 à 15:00 ce 11 juillet 2012, Tepco prenait des mesures de radioactivité et des données visuelles et “sonores” dans la salle du tore du réacteur 3 par le biais d’un robot. La radioactivité de l’air était de 360 mSv/h.

    Un travailleur humain avait ouvert la porte de la salle du tore au robot, il en a commencé le tour dans le sens des aiguilles d’une montre mais la communication a été coupée au niveau du trou de passage situé au Sud-Est de la salle du tore.

    C’est un robot câblé, Tepco n’a pas encore trouvé la cause de l’arrêt. Ils disent seulement que le câble a pu être abimé pendant le trajet. Tepco ne peut pas ramener le robot non plus car le niveau de radioactivité est trop haut.
    Le robot a envoyé des données visuelles et sur la radioactivité jusqu’à ce qu’il stoppe mais parce que les données sonores sont enregistrées dans le robot il est impossible de les exploiter tant qu’il n’est pas ramené. Ils prévoyaient de trouver le point de la fuite d’eau en enregistrant les bruits.

    Ils ont également enregistré les bruits pendant que le robot fonctionnait dans la salle du tore du réacteur 2 mais ils n’avaient pu entendre le bruit d’eau de la fuite parce que l’alarme sonore du compteur de distance était trop bruyante.

    Les données récupérées seront publiées demain.

    ロボットは有線で操作していたが、途中で動かすことができなくなった。東電は「原因はまだ分からないが、有線のケーブルが損傷したことなどが考えられる」としている。ロボットには水の流れる音などを把握するため、録音機器も取り付けており、その回収も当面できなくなった。(2012/07 /11-20:51)

    (4 scans)

  3. Michele says:

    The concern has always been to misdirect, misinform, or the complete concealment of information by TEPCO and the Japanese government, to the point that professionals are willing to lie for them so as “not to cause fear”. So, does it even matter what information is received from this little robot. Undoubtedly, because someone had to open the access door, he will be another unknown victim.

    The Japanese people and the world community (those of us paying attention to the continuing nuclear disaster) are already fearful. We continue to become informed by sites such as Fukushima-Diary and the few others that have educated us about the dangers of nuclear power. We teach each other in our chats and we spread the information to others. The Japanese people would be unaware of the growing demonstrations in their own nation, if not for these sites. The world community is kept in ignorance and for some reason there are people who do not want to know…fearful. There is a rising anger against the multi-national corporations who are linked by greed to our governments.

    Eventually the knowledge of the deadly betrayal against the people will be realized without the ability to keep it hidden. By then all living things may be exterminated and the world may be unlivable. The world will go out with a whimper.

  4. RubyGlare says:

    There MAY be a type of robot, NASA has radiation shielding for their space station, their space probes, their satellites. Look up mylar, ask why this is not being loudly advertised as being on the robots going into Fukushima plants? it’s probably not being used

  5. Intel Agent says:

    These robots are not stopping fission. That’s where I’d start.
    They’re being voyeurs instead.

  6. Bob says:

    Guys, sorry to break your illusion. Radiation doesn’t appear to have anything to do with the breakdown. Looks from the documentation that the communications cable broke. Without power and communications the robot obviously can’t move.

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