JP Prime minister confirmed the necessity of restarting Ooi nuclear plant


Following up this article..[Live] Police inspector join anti-nuke demonstration in front of prime minister’s official residence

Japanese Prime minister confirmed the safety of Ooi nuclear plant and judged it is necessary to restart  it to supply power for this summer.

Once they obtain the agreement of local citizens, they are going to restart it.

大飯原発 運転再開必要と判断
4月13日 20時11分




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  1. I wonder if any of these Leaders asked on or off the record, what happened to all the highly radioactive materials that are now missing from Fukushima and what they are doing to recover them ASAP. If it is true that that TEPCO is using GANG supplied labor then it must be worrisome that all this highly radioactive material may have been stolen and or sold to terrorist organizations because of it’s dirty weapon potential for BIG money! I hope some future terrorist dirty explosion does not contain Fukushima radioactive debris, as it will give “Made in Japan” a new meaning!

    Key issues **not mentioned** in MSM coverage:
    1. Nuclear security is NOT getting FALLOUT from Fukushima…
    2. Where has all the highly radioactive material “gone” that was in Fukushima.
    3. Leaders DO NOT think Nature can destroy any land based nuclear reactor,
    …. any place anytime 24/7/365!
    4. Nuclear should be REDUCED not increased Worldwide.
    5. The **NEGATIVE** Health effects of Low levels of radiation.

  2. The english got rid of religion hundreds of years ago.Churches are an institution that cremate people.The leaders of religion dont believe in god any more than i do.Why in this day and age of modern worldwide communication are we not told the truth.The press and BBC are worse now than ever.Why are the japanese not told the truth from day one. All the stupid people that grow weed know that CARBON dioxide is life on earth- the more produced the faster and healthier plants will be.Using a sealed growing enviroment introducing co2 is an fantastic experiment understood by millions of growers.Does this then make them left wing fanatics or part of the scientific community.Why do priministers Cammeron sarkosy and Obama not take themselves and their children to fuku to help clean up the good for you radiation.No instead they are all hiding with Queeny in the southern hemisphere. When i was younger the line was pollution was causing an ice age.Now its global warming and in 30 yrs it will be some other bllks.Why have all the council houses got solar panels.Thought we are skint?.I am. We have fantastic world leaders-Just have the guts to tell us the truth thankyou.When i am close to death i will go and try help the japanese.Rather die quikely at fuku than slow death.2 weeks at fuku then bullet through head and throw my carcous into the inferno thankyou. With modern farming and all the infrastucture people do not need to go to work anymore. hobbies only.One day a week at Tesco will surfice.Stange but true.Being able to travel to see some of the world is amazing in our lifetime.In england the dole actually support people to go on holiday abroad.Good active experience for the poor to encourage them to be produtive in their lives and be able to travel like gods – the rich.This is part of globalization.More nukes please but please build them safe and stick em in france not uk.

  3. The reason why nuke power stations are placed all around England is not because of power loss over distance, it is so if we have a war and one or more gets knocked out then the supply is still garanteed.The same as a ring main in your home.All the double sockets represent a power station.Taking out one or more does not adversely affect the supply. Around england we have many outlying islands these plants should be built on.Winds should be taken into account when siting these plants and the risk of war should take more of a second place.It would be better if we where taking the chance of being beaton in a war than becoming a nuclear wasteland as in japan.This global slowdown will carry on now for a few more years now because our money is flowing into japan to help them.Everyone will need to be patient and hope for the best,for our lovely japanese people.Lets hope they get all the support possible from our country.

  4. There is so much radiation in the atmosphere now, being threatened by a dirty bomb is not going to make much difference anymore.So japan might as well start up any plant they deem fit.Then arnie should be made head of the IAEA and hopefully things will improve.

  5. Why does this site not report what is happening at all the problem nuke reactors around japan.Is it because this site is also part of the IAEA cover up. Surely japanese people working at these places are reporting to you what is going on

  6. I can see Arnie can only say what he is allowed to by the IEAE and i suppose this applies to you as well making you no better than the WHO.My apologys if i am right or wrong anyway.Better to have minimally released information than none at all.

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