88 km of the great wall is planned to barricade Fukushima contaminated zone

Following up this article..Hirano reconstruction minister suggests to set uninhabited area around Fukushima plants

Japanese government is planning to build 88km of wall to barricade the worst contaminated zone in Fukushima.
Hazard area and planned evacuating zone in 20km area will be mixed and separated into 3 zones,

50~mSv/y zone (You can’t enter.)
20~50mSv/y zone (You can’t live.)
~20mSv/y zone (Advisory evacuating area)

Japanese government is planning to barricade the 50mSv/y zone with the wall for 88km.

Reconstruction ministry talks the wall is planned to run in the middle of a town or a village. Because local governments are against the policy, the negotiation of the government is not going well. Japanese government is planning to define the area by mid May.

The wall is made of steal seemingly, over 2m high and blue. It looks like the panel in a construction area, a construction company talks.



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