JP gov is shifting from decontamination to evacuation

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Japanese government published their prediction that some areas will remain more radioactive than 20mSv/y even in 10 years, where will still be uninhabitable on 4/22/2012.

They are planning to complete decontamination in places where the radiation level is lower than 50mSv/y by March of 2014. However, they still have not made a plan for the areas where the radiation level is higher than 50mSv/y.

Though it is assumed that some of the evacuated people want to go home even if it takes time, Japanese government is inclined to the idea that spending money on supporting evacuating people is more efficient. It costs significant sum of money to decontaminate and the reliable technology is not established. It would be more efficient to spend the money on evacuating people.












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9 Responses to “JP gov is shifting from decontamination to evacuation”

  1. Damcho Dronma says:

    don’t stop the light beam of public awareness or they will move the unsuspecting back into contaminated zones. keep up the good work!

  2. pat b says:

    Can we evacuate them to New Tokyo, Michigan now?

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is good news! I only hope it is just the beginning and the Japanese gvt. helps many, many more Japanese citizens evacuate from contaminated areas. A hopeful first step! Thanks for sharing this bit of hopeful news! Keep up the great work!

  4. Truth says:

    Can you get hold of satellite imagery shown the time series and live changes of radiation emissions from Fukushima? This is far more accurate than all the lies that Japanese organizations, including the media are spewing.

    • Joe Chapman says:

      What lies? From my point of view the mainstream media aren’t even reporting what’s going on. There can’t be any lies without words surely?

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  6. Grace says:

    I will only believe that the Japanese government wants to help when:

    Every citizen has unradiated shelter, water, and food.
    All medical expenses are taken care of without making the citizens use their own taxes pay for them.
    Every affected citizen in Japan gets life long monthly restitution payments.

    Fukushima was a crime of murder and treason carried out against the Japanese people.
    The reason? Tepco knew the nuclear facilities were structurally unstable and never took viable measures to make the structures structurally sound. They didn’t even build the walls higher for protection.

    Foreign travelers now sickened by Fukushima need to see doctors and file class action lawsuits against the Japanese government.

  7. HidetaFukushima says:

    Please read anaother site,

    “Designation of no-go zone in Minamisoma lifted”

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