Reconstruction minister admits they can’t decontaminate it all

Following up this article..88 km of the great wall is planned to barricade Fukushima contaminated zone

Hirano reconstruction minister held a meeting with the town mayor of Namiemachi Fukushima and told that no matter how many times they repeat decontamination in the same way, radiation level doesn’t get lower than a certain level from the result of model project. Unless they develop a new technology, it would be very difficult to make all the areas safe to live.

The entire area of Namie machi is under the evacuation zone, all the 20,000 citizens have evacuated.

Though Japanese government has been pushing decontamination policy, Hirano commented to the press that Japanese government has given the wrong impression that they can decrease the radiation level lower than 1mSv/y only if they conduct decontamination. To correct this false impression, he reported the result of the model project to the town mayor of Namiemachi. They still try to make it lower than 1 mSv/y some day. They are going to develop the new decontamination technology.


Reconstruction minister admits decontamination is useless





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