Monitoring post manipulated

Mr. Hasegawa, a cattle farmer from Iidate mura states the monitoring post data of Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology is manipulated.
On 2/20/2012, he held a press conference for his publishing the book titled “Having my hometown taken away by the nuclear.” In this conference, he stated ,last November, Taisei corporation, which was outsourced for decontamination by the government, had 10 of their employees wash the monitoring post by high-pressure water and changed the whole soil of the base.

According to MEXT, the radiation level of Iidate mura in 2/20 was 0.755 microSv/h. However, another monitoring post was showing 3 microSv/h.

Additionally, on 3/14, when reactor3 exploded, the dosemeter in town councilor was showing 40 microSv/h, but the staff of town hall told him not to tell it to anyone because the town mayor forbids it.

Assistant professor Imanaka from Kyoto university checked the radiation level around in the town late in March but the town mayor requested him not to disclose it either.

Mr. Hasegawa talks, public bureaucrat from Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry is following after the town mayor for town hall, press conference and anywhere. Now all the media needs his permission to contact with the town mayor.

Prof.Kodama from Tokyo university became a hero when he had a performance in Lower House session of 7/27/2011. He strongly emphasized the importance of decontamination.
In his moving speech, he recommended a construction company called Takenaka Corporation and radionuclide decontamination company called Chiyoda Technol.
Currently Minami soma city government is outsourcing the decontamination project to private companies. They made the budget of 40 billion yen for 2 years. They are processing the public bidding but those 2 companies (including a group company) that Prof Kodama recommended are dominating 3 of 4 companies which passed the second selection phase.

monitoring post manipulated

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