After all, nothing is improved

After all, nothing is improved

Reactor 2 has become over 71℃ again.
The temperature of reactor 2 marked 73.3℃ on 2/6/2012. Tepco increased the water amount to inject to 13.5 tones/h on 2/7/2012. As a result, it came down to 64.1℃ once, but it became back again.
2/10 21:00 71.1℃
2/11 3:00~9:00 71.3℃

Other heating gauges in the bottom of reactor are showing the temperature is decreasing to 35℃ to prove water level is lower than those 3 gauges.
Tepco asserts they are managing to cool nuclear fuel, but if it goes even higher, they will increase the water amount again.
In other word, all they could do is to put more water though it’s not working as expected. It’s still impossible to know what is going on in the reactor.




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