M5 class of earthquake hit Japan 4 times in 2 hours

Since 07:39 JST 28 Jan 2012, 4 strong earthquakes hit Japan within 2 hours.


09:25 JST 28 Jan 2012 09:22 JST 28 Jan 2012 Iwate-ken Oki M5.6
08:07 JST 28 Jan 2012 08:04 JST 28 Jan 2012 Yamanashi-ken Tobu-Fujigoko M4.1
07:46 JST 28 Jan 2012 07:43 JST 28 Jan 2012 Yamanashi-ken Tobu-Fujigoko M5.5
07:43 JST 28 Jan 2012 07:39 JST 28 Jan 2012 Yamanashi-ken Tobu-Fujigoko M5.0



M5 class of earthquake hit Japan 4 times in 2 hours


M5 class of earthquake hit Japan 4 times in 2 hours2

M5 class of earthquake hit Japan 4 times in 2 hours3


M5 class of earthquake hit Japan 4 times in 2 hours4


M5 class of earthquake hit Japan 4 times in 2 hours5


The first 3 happened in Yamanashi ken around Mt.Fuji. People are tweeting about the unusual earthquake sound.


揺れ方が違ってた。地鳴りが強くなったような揺れ。ずっと微妙に地鳴りがしてる気がする。いつまた来てもおかしくないような。震源地が近いから?山だから? 富士山大丈夫か?Source


The way of shaking was different from usual. It felt like a strong brontide caused the earthquake. A slight earthquake sound can be still heard. It is not unusual even if another one comes anytime again. Is it because I’m near the epicenter ? is it because mountain ? Is Mt.Fuji ok ?





The announcer who did the live report near Mt.Fuji on “Tele Asa” was saying, it felt like a brontide went under my feet.



Another person posted the picture of Mt. Fuji.

It looks like steam is splashing from 2 locations.

M5 class of earthquake hit Japan 4 times in 2 hours6


Meteorological bureau held an emergency press conference to deny the connection between the series of earthquake to eruption of Mt.Fuji. This statement is making people more anxious because Japanese government has been deceiving its own people about Fukushima accident.




Meteorological bureau held a press conference at 9:40 AM to tell the earthquake to have the epicenter in Yamanashi ken has nothing to do with volcanic action of Mt.Fuji or potential Tokai earthquake. It’s based on the data about crustal change.


  1. Please keep it up Mochizuki-san! The international media’s being really, frightningly quiet about what’s happening in Japan. I wouldn’t be surprised if you and SPKF were the only real news coming out of the country.

  2. Just saw this:

    But Navrotsky and others have since discovered a new way in which seawater can corrode nuclear fuel, forming uranium compounds that could potentially travel long distances, either in solution or as very small particles. The research team published its work Jan. 23 in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

    “This is a phenomenon that has not been considered before,” said Alexandra Navrotsky, distinguished professor of ceramic, earth and environmental materials chemistry. “We don’t know how much this will increase the rate of corrosion, but it is something that will have to be considered in future.”

  3. I sincerely hope this does not result in an eruption at Mount Fuji. This would be far too much for Japan.

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  4. More quakes = More radiation released…

    Hopefully the IAEA will be there to measure it!

    Has anyone seen the radiation charts for the last week; they should be showing massive additional radiation since there have been many quakes!

    The missing corium(s) are being shaken as they are drawn downward by gravity!

  5. Heavy rains and or snow pack all increase the upward pressure of the ground water “table”. Since the corium(s) are being drawn ever downward by gravity and often by the forces of large additional Earth Quakes (EQ’s), IMO we are seeing the interaction between the Corium(s) and the water below the Fukushima Complex!

    The EQ’s also provide what I call a nuclear “kick start” to the fissioning that is responsible for the increased radioactivity that has been detected soon after these EQ’s.

    Another consideration is the Temperature and MASS of these Corium(s) which are huge as compared to the subsurface materials and temperatures below the Complex… Think H☢T nuclear knife cutting into soil butter!


    My money is on “The Fuky Effect”, causing much if not all of the periodic radiation releases and it is doing it all by itself (ie. not in a controlled manner)!
    Here is my thinking:
    1. I believe that the Corium is now completely below the RPV and so any reading taken above it, are going to be MUCH lower than expected (which matches the data observatio­ns above).

    2. The Corium molten mass is probably now below the “base mat” or floor of the containmen­t structure and is working its way into the landfill below, which would allow most if not all radioactiv­e gases to disperse to the atmosphere­, instead of being contained in the holed RPV…

    3. The Ocean water will show increase RAD readings due to the leakage being washout out from around and below the reactor due to the HUGE rains…

    4. A Corium/Wat­er steam event is still very much a possibilit­y + if it is happening very slowly then that would explain all the fluctuatin­g increases in RAD reading north of Tokyo!

    See: http://www.cpdnp.jp/pdf/110729Takasaki_report_Jul26.pdf

    Good Luck Japan!

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