Cold weather destroys water cooling system


Cold weather destroys water cooling system2


Cold weather destroys water cooling system

Following up this article ..Winter cold may freeze and break the water purifying system

As exactly warned, water cooling system keeps having water leakage at various points.
On 1/29, Tepco announced they found water leakage at 14 points, 7800 L in total. That is because frozen water in pipes caused leakage at joint parts from the cold weather.
Tepco claims it’s the water after purification or plain water from dam, none of it has leaked to the sea.

At 9:35, heat exchanger stopped after 40 L of contaminated water leaked from the pipe.
At 9:50, Tepco employee found 600 L of contaminated water leaked around the flow monitor of emergency pomp. There was a water leakage even at reactor 6.


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