Email: Begging for help for Fukushima

Dear Kimberly-Clark Health Care
This is a Japanese activist/blogger, Mochizuki Iori.
I am sending you this email to ask if you can kindly help our children in Minamisoma, Fukushima.
In Minamisoma, where is 20km area from Fukushima plants, still a lot of the students remain,
they play soccer at school play ground but it’s 2 micro Sv/h.
They are aware of the risk of living in the area, but for financial reason, they can not evacuate.
A city councilor is driving around in the town to warn people around.

As WDR reported, some organizations are helping out people decontaminate their town.

They know new fallout comes again, but they repeat their endless fight to earn time for people to evacuate.
This is the contact of the organization.

[HCR災害対策本部/救援物資受付拠点] 〒975-0032 福島県南相馬市原町区桜井町1-278


I would really appreciate your firm if you kindly send them N95 masks.
You can contact with the organization or me.
They can not afford to buy the masks.
They are already having severe health problem. To earn the time to evacuate,could you please help them survive a bit longer?
I am looking forward to hearing from you.

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