Living in the land of death

Brief summary.

Miura, a buddhist monk, is helping out people still living in the 20km area, Minami soma.

On the day when a typhoon is approaching, the TV staff followed him.

Mr. Miura checks radiation levels around the house. Decontamination is one of his jobs as good as serving food or water.

The house he visited is an old Japanese house.

The house owner doesn’t evacuate. He says his family has been living here for 1000 years so he can’t leave.

They decontaminated house, roof, garden and even trees but the fallout comes endlessly.

It is a never-ending and very dangerous mission.

Mr. Miura says, everyone must evacuate now.

The house owner was actually working at Fukushima plant.

Even when 311 happened, he was in it.

He declares the explosion of reactor 3 was a nuclear explosion of Uranium and Plutonium.

There are still kids and babies remaining in the town.

Even in summer, kids must wear long sleeves.

In a rainy day, they come to the school by car and rush into the building, not to touch the radioactive rain.

Teachers distribute dosimeters.

Kids leave one after one.

From the measurement of radiation, some kids turned out to be internally exposed.

Authorities promise it is as harmless as Xray.

Everyone says it’s a lie.

At supermarket, young people avoid local products.

Owner of the supermarket measures cesium in the bottled water on the daily basis.

Even mothers and babies are still remaining.

They say, because everyone is still here.

In the weekend, citizens held a music festival to cheer them up.

Mr. Miura tried to distribute masks to let them be aware of the risk.

However, the host of the event stopped him giving the masks around because it makes people scared.

In the land of death.

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