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110 micro Sv/h in Setagaya may be caused by a flown piece of control rod.

Following up to this article, from the further investigation,there is a possibility that europium-152 is under the ground. Europium-152 is a material of control rod in a reactor. If that


Email: Begging for help for Fukushima

Dear Kimberly-Clark Health Care This is a Japanese activist/blogger, Mochizuki Iori. I am sending you this email to ask if you can kindly help our children in Minamisoma, Fukushima. In Minamisoma,


Iodine 131 measured from rice

According to the food measurement result of Citizen’s radioactivity measuring station, not to menation,Cs-134,137 were measured,but Iodine131 was also measured from various rice samples. Since this is a private institution,their


What must be done for melt out

Currently, at least 3 reactors are having melt out. Even Mr.Koide from Kyoyo University, who has been the most insightful advisory of us says, there is no major risk of


Deformed rose

The next may be human. In one of the worst hot spots around in Tokyo, Kashiwa, Chiba, deformed roses are observed many times. The owner assumes it might be tap