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15 years old student died of subarachnoid hemorrhage (10 micro Sv/h)

大きな地図で見る In Ichinoseki shi, Iwate, a 15 year old student died of subarachnoid hemorrhage at his junior high school. A subarachnoid hemorrhage, or subarachnoid haemorrhage in British English, is bleeding


Breaking News: 31 years old Fukushima worker sent to emergency medical service

Video streaming by Ustream At the press conference of 10/27/2011, Tepco announced that one of the Fukushima workers from a sub-contract company, 31 years old was sent to the emergency


120 micro Sv/h at Koriyama station.

大きな地図で見る FCT (Fukushima chuou TV), a local TV channel in Fukushima reported a hot spot in front of Koriyama station, JR line. It’s one of the major stations in North


Abnormal smoke from reactor 2

Being abnormal is normal for Fukushima. However, extra ordinary smoke/steam was emit from around reactor 2. It was 10/22/2011 17:24.(JST) In the video below,it starts spreading at 1:05. When it