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Breaking News: 110 micro Sv/h in Setagaya

大きな地図で見る In Setagaya, Tokyo, ward mayor held an emergency press conference at 10PM, 10/28/2011. They announced that they measured 110 micro Sv/h near a supermarket, “Powerlarks Setagaya” in Setagaya Yawatayama.


8,000 Bq/Kg of radioactive sewage sludge incinerated ash is being dumped in Tokyo Bay

I loved Tokyo Bay. It used to be polluted in 60s but recently it was clear. It was beautiful to see, especially at night, yummy to eat, (fish), and marine


Cesium flew further than 1200km

Waste RadioCs 16pref Result 20110829 According to the report of Japanese ministry of environment, Cesium-134 ,-137 were measured from refuse incineration ash even in Ogasawara mura, where is 1200km south


XXX sweet potato

      A massive sweet potato was found. It’s 9.4kg. 77cm long, 60cm around. It grew in the farm of Mr.Oshino Chikao, in Funabashi Chiba. A lot of hot