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2.5 micro Sv/h from concrete

A piece of concrete panel was 2.5 micro Sv/h. It was found at a home center in North Tochigi. In Japan, radioactive sewage sludge or disposal waste ash are treated


More than half of the students turned out to be internally exposed by Cesium 137

In the town in the 20km evacuation area, Minami soma shi, more than half of the students of elementary school and junior high school students turned out to be internally


Over 10 uSv/h was measured at 2 schools in Abiko shi

In Abiko shi, Chiba, 2 schools turned out to be in hot spots. At one of the schools, they measured 11.3 micro Sv/h in a street gutter on 9/15/2011. According


Easy to understand radiation map

map3-5 This is a new radiation map of Cs-137, which is summed up from March, April and May. (Mega Bq / km2) This is based on the data from Ministry