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Yellow powder caught by camera beside reactor 4

3/24/2011, around in Tokyo,yellow powder was observed after the rain. Citizens suspected it might be “radiation” Japan Meteorological Agency explained it was pollen. or sand. Whichever it was,nobody has ever


204 new fuel rods turned out to be in the “spent” fuel pool at reactor 4.

Tepco has announced that there are 1,331 spent fuel rods in the pool of reactor 4. However, 10/14/2011, Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency announced that the pool contained 204 units


Kids as dump

In the Strontium city, Yokohama, city government is not functioning at all. Now the mayor is playing soccer in Frankfurt with her friends. City “government” has mothers decontaminate the street


Two sludge disposal facilities workers had sudden death within 2 weeks.

An emergency citizen’s conference was held on 10/24/2011. It was a discussion about how to deal with the radioactive debris and sewage sludge from Fukushima. In this discussion, the fact