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Breaking News: Immune system meltdown

According to the data of National Institute of Infectious Diseases, the count of variety of the diseases is spiking up this year compared to last 9 years.   Abscissa


News: Plants are dying

In the previous post Column of the Day: brine damage? I reported evergreen plants are dying for some reason. Today, the actual Fukushima worker, Happy20790 tweeted a similar thing. Happy20790


News: Japanese government is preparing to make New Tokyo

10/4/2011, the chairman of Risk management civilizing organization, Ishii gave a speech. He said, they will submit the basic law as lawmaker-initiated legislation to the next extraordinary Diet session at


Breaking News: Children have started to get thyroid disease

10 children from Fukushima had a medical check at Shinshu University Hospital to see if there are any changes in their thyroid gland function. The medical investigation was conducted on