Breaking News: Latest J-Gov radiation scans of Japan’s rice basket


The Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology has published the latest helicopter radiation survey results (document publish date 10-12-11). I have included a mirrored copy of the document below.

The most salient point at the moment is that the rice basket of Japan is included in this survey (Niigata Prefecture and Akita Prefecture, according to the note I got from Mochizuki-san).

I have also pulled out some of the maps as image captures to make it a bit easier to see. Remember to not hot link to these images to save our servers from a sorry overload fate. (thanks ahead of time!)

This is aimed to measure the radiation level attache to the ground.

The helicopter scanned 1m high from the ground.(Beta ray flies only for 1m)


Niigata 8/30~9/23/2011

Akita 9/14~9/28/2011


Now in Japan,it is the season to sell newly harvested rice in the market.

This therefore is to kill “harmful rumor” politically.

The map on the bottom is made by Mr.Hayakawa,from Gumna uni,who is a specialist of volcanic ash.

He has been contributed to the world by making his independent contamination map.

Comparing his map to the newly published map,contamination of south part of Niigata can be manipulated on the government’s map.

Also,on the map of government,Sendai area,which is the biggest city in North Japan is unnaturally “clean” unless plume jumped to avoid Sendai.





These are Niigata Prefecture:



Cesium-134 plus Cesium-137

micro Sieverts/hour

These are Akita Prefecture:



Cesium-134 plus Cesium-137

micro Sieverts/hour

These are many prefectures including Niigata, Akita, and Fukushima:



Cesium-134 plus Cesium-137

micro Sieverts/hour

Full document below

Radiation map: Niigata Akita 10-12-11

  1. Location: A Chinese restaurant in uptown Tokyo
    My good friend selects from the menu, I agree with the choice.
    We talk about sports, family.
    We eat most of the mixed entree.
    We eat most of the pork dish.
    Our chopsticks systematically hover over the last dish, picking up every green vegetable leaf no matter how tiny, while consistently failing to pick up even a single mushroom or shrimp. The peculiar mound of mushrooms and shrimps stares up at us; fortunately the staff doesn’t notice or perhaps they know the new rules of etiquette.
    We eat most of the rice, and drink a small amount of beer.
    I wolf down the dessert, almond jelly (mainland China origin).
    We finish with coffee. Mine is black.

    Afterward, as we go our separate ways, I wonder how long I should wait– a year perhaps — before proposing that we save money and take advantage of the outdoors by lunching in the park. I could bring palatable fare made from “delicious” (safe) ingredients. Does he know that everything we consumed today was toxic?

    1. Some Japanese are starting to evacuate and they are stopping at Okinawa for short.
      Do you know their diet ? Canned food. Just like the movie called Mad max.
      They are wives with kids,left their home and husband to save themselves. This will be a movement,tide of immigrants are coming to other countries.
      Clean water and food will be available in 24,000 years from now. or later.

      1. Yesterday I by strange coincidence met a couple who also evacuated from Japan to the city I am living in now. It was surreal to finally meet someone face to face who experienced what my family did.

        I am still heart aching for Japanese to leave and not listen to their lying government. Please people, wake up!

  2. Data likely altered…

    How can they detect one type of radiation from the next.

    They can only detect the differences of alpha beta and gamma. They can not detect the differences of the types of radiation. (I.E. pl, io, ce)

    If they did detect the differences of the types of radiation… Where is the data on Plutonium…

    How did they detect only cesium? which is beta when they could not detect Plutonium which is alpha…

    Secondly, These are types of radiation that only produce 1-2inch energy waves. So if taken from a helicopter, How did they take proper surveying of these elements (when the radiation is so far away)…

    If they used a laser / spectography to analyze the data on the ground (then they have the data on plutonium strontium and various other isotopes too).

    So this is either a lie, or falsified.

    1. they do not want people checking for plutonium or the other deadly 30 elements that escaped from the power plant. Where is the curium? There are far more deadly elements out there. Not only did they ruin that part of Japan they are going to further ruin Japan with their kamikaze “die for your country” attitudes…

  3. They stopped checking for Plutonium about three months ago. It is getting hard for some people to follow the developments and remember what has been said or done so they start labelling information as lies or false.

    Personally I am very interested in seeing Tepco achieve ‘cold-shutdown’ on three uncontrollable molten masses deep in the earth’s crust. This truly will be a miraculous achievment – because it is completely impossible. The words are designed to give the impression that humans have some kind of CONTROL over the chain reaction. That old myth.

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