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News: Tokyo tap water in crisis

大きな地図で見る According to the monitoring data published by the Ministry of Education, as seen in this post News: Helicopter monitoring data is published the central area of Tokyo is less


News: Cesium from children who evacuated to Kyoto

Evacuation within Japan does not save them enough. It’s not far enough. A family evacuated from Ibaraki → Tokyo → Kyoto (3/14~3/26, 7/30~8/27) had their children have urine test. (52,500JPY)


Breaking News: Hydrogen keeps coming up

10/8/2011 Tepco tried to reduce hydrogen in the pipes of reactor 1 but they failed. When there is more than 1% hydrogen, it may cause hydrogen explosion. Apart from other


News: Another worker got exposed

10/8/2011 19:15 Tepco announced that a male worker in his 30s was exposed to high level of radiation. It is likely that he had a severe internal exposure too. He