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Column of the Day: To become alternative media

  As we all know,it’s becoming harder and harder to get information about Fukushima. I think that’s because it’s too serious to news. That is also the reason why I


News: Ignorant government is making the situation way worse than Chernobyl

(Source) Related to this article. It is possibility that they buried it themselves and “found” it themselves. Kashiwa local government buried 25 tons of radioactive refuse incineration ash into their


News: Japanese concentration camp

Related to this article. Kashiwa shi in Chiba is one of the worst hot spots in Kanto area. Kashiwa high school is in the hot spot. 大きな地図で見る Today a citizen


News: JP Gov will stock radioactive waste in river head area

Forestry Agency will lend the national forests to local government as disposal area of radioactive waste, where is source of tap water. Having decontamination be a huge business chance, they