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Slaughter in Minamisoma

On location report from Minami Soma – Strontium continues to be detected – “Too early for evacuees to be returning home.” Nationally declared “emergency evacuation preparedness zones” have been simultaneously


Uranium from the soil of Aizu Wakamatsu

A surface soil sample was personally taken from the edge of the hard standing in the car park by a church in Aizu Wakamatsu in July 2011. Aizu Wakamatsu is


Column from one of our correspondents

東京近郊の横浜にあるマンション屋上から ストロンチウムが検出されました。 でもこのニュースは日本国民にとっては悪夢の序章にしかすぎません。 In Yokohama, located on the outskirts of Tokyo, radioactive strontium was detected on a roof. But this news is nothing but the beginning of the nightmare for the


12,390 Bq/Kg from refuse incineration ash everyday

shokyakubai-231003 Tokyo local government announced the contamination situation of refuse incineration ash in Tokyo. According to the data, only the “minor part” of the ash contains 1,525 ~ 12,390 Bq/Kg