Column of the Day: Why Japanese government conceals

They found strontium at two more different places in Yokohama.

Now they have measured strontium at three places in Total.

All of them are located just around the corner from my apartment.

It’s possibility that strontium is already everywhere around in Tokyo.

I went to Tokyo last weekend.

I visited Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan to have a pre-interview.

The interviewees have worked for National Geographic or Jiji ,

They have done great reports about Sarin terrorism and the Tokai village nuclear accident.

They met me because they were interested in my idea of “radiation refugees”.

They kindly offered me to help set up a new visa of “radiation refugee” in EU.

For the further interview, they are planning to meet me this Sunday again.

I need to clean my room before.

In the interview, they asked me what I think must be done.

I answered all honestly.

I answered:

I think all the Japanese must evacuate to Australia at the closest.

Then South Korean, Philippine people, Malay, Singaporian, Indonesian, West Coast, they all must evacuate and leave Japan empty except for pro-nuc mental cases.

UN, American army, etc will all have to build the front line of the radiation shield on the Japan island, to minimize the potential international risk.

No wonder Japanese race will lose their land. We will have to live like old Jewish. (Nika here – Iori refers to the millennia long Jewish Diaspora)

We can no longer eat sushi. All the Pacific Ocean will keep being contaminated until human-beings invent a technology to pick up melted nuclear fuel rods from miles deep in the ground.

Sure, the reporter called me unrealistic.

It even seems so to me.

However, I can not find any reason to deny it.

On the other hand, the Japanese government is so eager to conceal the fact.

US government seems to be helping it too.


It is also the core problem of this whole disaster.

The actual problem, which is as serious as radioactive contamination, is where to move the 30 million people from around Tokyo.

By counting all the rest of the Japanese and Asian people, the number will be billions.

Where to move them?

This is the core of the problem.

“Radiation refugee”

The countries to accept them are seriously needed.

We can never go back to before 3-10-11.

World has totally changed.

We must accept the fact.

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