Breaking News: Strontium was found at two more different locations


10/14/2011 21:27
Having measured 195 Bq/kg of strontium, Yokohama city government announced that they also found strontium at two more locations.

Sample taken 9/12/2011
Lab: (The same lab as where the first strontium was measured.)

  • 1)129 Bq/Kg from street gutter in Okurayama, Kouhokuku,Yokohama (Cs-134 & -137 40,200 Bq/kg)
  • 2)59 Bq/Kg from the dirt left on the bottom of a stopped fountain in Shinyokohama Kouhokuku, Yokohama (Cs-134 & -137 35,000 Bq/kg)

They also re-tested on the roof where the first strontium was found too, but they concealed the result.

“We did not get the permission of the management association of the apartment.”

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