More than half of the students turned out to be internally exposed by Cesium 137

In the town in the 20km evacuation area, Minami soma shi, more than half of the students of elementary school and junior high school students turned out to be internally exposed.

Among 527 samples:

  • 199 → 10 Bq/kg
  • 65 → 10~20 Bq/Kg
  • 3 → 20~30 Bq/Kg
  • 1 → 30~35 Bq/Kg

Newspaper says, adults take 100 days to detox it all, children take 30 days to detox it all.

However, this comment is questionable.

30 Bq/Kg means 600 Bq in whole body if the child weighs 20kg.

This is only Cs-137, so including Cs-134, it would be about 1,200 Bq.

Strontium is likely to be in his body about 300 Bq, so the total can be nearly 1,500 Bq.

“children take 30 days to detox it all”

It has been longer than 7 months since 311. Children must have been detoxing it everyday.
This number, “1,500 Bq” is after the daily detoxing. so it does not make any sense.

Additionally, Strontium is hard to be detoxed from body.

Finally, a question remains: what about the rest of the kids?


  1. in reading Yablokov’s work on Chernobyl, and the addition of apple pectin in children’s diets to increase the cesium released from their bodies, it was considered good when they were deemed to have reduced cesium levels by 30-60% during 18-25 days treatment. Not possible to excrete 100%. If that were possible, I’m sure it would have been mentioned in some of the 5,000 studies reviewed for the book “Chernobyl: Consequences of the Catastrophe for People and the Environment” page 289 “higher than that of an adult on
    the same diet. From 1995 to 2007, up to 90% of the children from heavily contaminated territories of Belarus had levels of Cs-137 accumulation higher than 15–20 Bq/kg, with maximumlevels of up to 7,300 Bq/kg in Narovlya District, Gomel Province. Average levels of incorporated Cs-137 and Sr-90 in the heavily contaminated territories of Belarus, Ukraine, and European Russia did not decline, but rather INCREASED from 1991 to 2005. Given that more than 90% of the current radiation fallout is due to Cs-137, with a half-life of about 30 years, we know that the contaminated areas will be dangerously radioactivenfor roughly the next three centuries.”

  2. Reality Check:
    Bandashevsky – who was imprisoned for protecting children and speaking out the truth. Here is his study (he lost much of his work, as some other guy took over his position in Belarus, and he fled Belarus): Cesium directly harms the hearts of our children: MODIFICATIONS IN CARDIAC-VASCULAR SYSTEM OF CHILDREN, LIVING IN CONTAMINATED WITH RADIOISOTOPES:

    damage one does not rid oneself of… why it is IMPERATIVE to EVACUATE the children … have them wear face mask, carefully feed them low on the food chain, no dairy, imported beef…

    1. Great points! It’s not like Chernobyl has not gone on before to be an instructive model for millions, if not billions!!! A lot of people gave their lives to stop that meltdown from getting worse, the least we can do is listen & FOLLOW their findings now!!!

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