Breaking News: 669 Bq/kg Cesium from animal plankton

“In July” Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology measured 669 Bq/Kg of cesium from animal plankton.

It includes cesium 134 and 137. The plankton was taken at 3km from the coast of Iwaki shi.

Not to mention, it is from Fukushima because the half life time of cesium 134 is only 2 years.

According to the official pro-nuc organization “IAEA”‘s report,

Concentration factor is:

Animal plankton 40

Fish 100

Marine animal 400

Fish therefore is likely to be about 1672.5 Bq/Kg.

If a sea lion has WBC test, he/she will be 6,690 Bq/Kg.

This is how we would be.

Now even the Japanese “safety” limit of fish is 500 Bq/kg.

In the sea, there is nothing left to eat.


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