Breaking News: Recriticality may be happening continuously

In addition to two previous posts on this issue:”Fukushima went back to recriticality almost for 100%” and “Fukushima in recriticality” it turns out that they also detected I-131 in North and Western Japan.

1) in Miyagi.

  • 42 Bq/kg – 8/9/2011
  • 41 Bq/kg – 9/6/2011

2) In Nagasaki

  • 563 Bq/kg – 8/4/2011
  • 151 Bq/kg – 8/11/2011
  • 44 Bq/kg – 8/22/2011

When it comes to the detection of I-131, some people always try to deny the possibility of recriticality to reassure themselves by bringing up the possibility of medical usage of Iodine.

However, in a previous post, Breaking News: Fukushima went back to recriticality almost for 100%, the possibility of the medical usage of Iodine was completely denied by asking the local hospitals.

From all the data,it is possible to think Fukushima still goes into the state of recriticality on and off

Kuri Sewage Odei 20110906


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