News: One of the worst hottest spots is in front of Japanese Diet



“You can’t always get what you want,but if you try,you might find,you get what you need.”

Japanese politicians finally got radiation.

According to the local radiation survey on 10/1/2011,the area around Japanese diet is obviously hot spot.

In front of Tokyo station, 0.267 uSv/h

In front of Imperial Palace, 0.676 uSv/h

Mud in Diet, 0.456 uSv/h

Dust in Hibiya park, 0.457 uSv/h

In front of Tepco’s head office, 0.463 uSv/h

cf.Nishioka ,House of Councillors President nearly fainted at the Diet.
says,he’s suffering from severe canker sore,and he can’t sleep recently.

He sometimes loses his words at the Diet.

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