Another acute lymphocytic leukemia man ate fish and camped out

Following up this article Another man died of acute leukemia on 11/17/11.

Just after this post was published, the editors of the magazine stated he did not eat fish and camped out.

For that denial, you can refer to this article. Angler Who Died of Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia Didn’t Live Inside 30 Km Radius of Fuku-I

However, in his memorial article on Rod & Reel, it’s clearly written:

“Trying to save up money for hotel and food. better spend on transporting. I want to stay here as long as possible. Of course I don’t have a bath. just jump in the river / pond. go wherever I want to go. Fish until I can fish. Camping.
When I’m hungry, I fish and eat it.”

When he caught a 49cm fish in Fukushima in May of 2011:



More fishing



There is no clue to tell he did or did not camp in the 30km evacuation zone but as we see in these pictures above, he was in Fukushima and fished.

“Who” gets “what” by denying the fact that this 24 years old man died of acute lymphocytic leukemia by eating Fukushima fish?

It’s the magazine company. They were afraid that it damages the sales of magazine.

Don’t be deceived. Don’t be naive.

Also, according to the JP gov’s data, leukemia increased by 6.6% in men since last year.

Male: + 13.3%

Female: – 1.8%

This data was taken in June, so now it might be worse by now.

In the nuclear accident at JCO, victims got leukemia immediately after the accident.

Leukemia may show its symptom quicker than we were taught.

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